Fighting the hair loss!

Let’s start with the fact that ladies like to exaggerate things sometimes. What do I mean? I mean that hair loss is a natural process, our body renovates in such way. But the amount of the hair you lose should be acceptable. Before starting to fight the problem you need to figure out whether you have it or not.

Do you need to cure hair loss?

It’s absolutely normal for a person to lose 50-100 hairs a day. It’s not a very visible loss, it happens when we walk, move and do different things during the day.

When does the hair loss becomes abnormal?

It’s not that difficult to understand.

-If you have a whole bunch of hair on your hairbrush after brushing;
-Your hair literally falls of when you sleep or wash your hair.

If these symptoms are familiar to you, this article may be useful. You need to start fighting this problem when you are 100 sure that it is a PROBLEM.

Our actions.

Our actions will be divided into the actions we can do by ourselves and actions we can do only with the help of professionals and chemical beauty products. Everything depends on the level of problem and the reason of it. Sometimes hair falls of, because of the wrong hair care, change of the season, etc. And sometimes the problem hides deeper and is connected with body problems. Let’s start with the easier option.

Homemade products.

1. Castor oil.

You apply heated up oil on your hair together, cover it with the towel and wait for three hours. Don’t forget to wash your hair really well if you don’t want to have greasy hairstyle. And I need to warn you that washing it all off is a difficult process.

2. Salt.

If you have dry skin, then it is a perfect option for you! It’s really cheap and effective. You can rub it into your scalp for ten minutes and then wash it off. Use warm water in order to avoid irritations! You will need to repeat this procedure 5-7 times on different days in order to see the results.

3. Onion.

Not everyone will love it. Yes, I agree, it’s not the most pleasant procedure on earth. But does it really matter when we speak about the health and beauty of your hair. Give it a try and risk a little bit! You will need the onion juice. You can add some honey. Rub it in your scalp, then rinse with the shampoo and that’s it.

Professional approach.

Quite often these tricky methods are not effective. It means that the problem is inside your body. It can be pour nutrition, some diseases, etc. I can’t advise you anything in this case or prescribe you the treatment. I recommend you to do these things:

-attend the trichologist;
-get your blood tested;
-figure out the problem together with the doctor.

And for those who don’t suffer from hair loss I will give some recommendations for prevention:

-protect your hair from the frost;
-eat fats (avocado, seeds, oils, nuts) ;
-do hair masks.

And now I’d like to know how many of my subscribers suffer from this problem. When has it all started and how did you fight it? I’d like to hear the opinion of ladies and gentlemen.

Your Yuli

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