Body positive. For or against?

So, we continue discussing relevant topics which are getting more and more popular. You can say that this topic is not really fresh and was discussed long time ago. You are right, but many topics has gained more popularity recently due to self isolation. Overeating, domestic abuse, panic attacks are widely discussed because of the escalation of these events now.
That’s why I decided to bring up the topic of body positivity.

Why exactly now?

Because now we have so many reasons to stop caring about ourselves and giving up on us. People started caring too much about their looks because this feeling of “all eyes on us” doesn’t bother us anymore. And we relax a little bit. And why not to recall the nice word “body positive” and fit all our sins into it. Isn’t it perfect?

Unfortunately, no. Why have you decided to follow this movement now, all of a sudden? Isn’t it a way to hide your laziness? I don’t want to judge anyone, I just want to express my opinion.

Body positive is the absence of negativity and criticism towards people based on their looks. So many brands are promoting this idea now by using in their catalogues the ladies with nonstandard body type, appearance and even with not shaved armpits! I like the fact that our society is moving into the direction of blurring or erasing standards. All types of bodies and appearances are welcomed. But…

There should be the healthy golden middle and we should know when it’s time to stop. I am totally for the existence of +size models! I am absolutely in favor of the variety in the appearance of models! But I can’t understand banal thing called not being groomed. Maybe I will get it later, but now it’s not a pleasant thing to look at. It is what it is.

Now let’s go back to the first question: “Quarantine body positivity”. If the person was a follower of this movement for a long time, well, I have nothing to say. But it’s a fresh and newly developed habit of recent months not caused by the change of views, it may look as a neglect of self care.

So, I will clarify my opinion for you to get me right. If you don’t see the need of doing certain beauty procedures on quarantine, that’s totally fine for me. But there is no need to persuade the others or judge them if they want to do it in their own way.

I am really curious about your opinion on this topic! Let me know your thoughts on body positivity, what is adequate and acceptable for you and what is not.


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