How to become a model?

January 27, 2020|

Do you agree that this question springs to the mind of almost every girl. But then so many reasons not to do it appear. For example "I am not tall enough", "I am fat", etc. [...]

Effective folksy beauty tips.

January 24, 2020|

It may seem to be the topic for mums and grannies, but actually not only they may be interested. Nowadays we are surrounded by the promotion of new beauty products and some home beauty care [...]

Fitness Video 84

January 22, 2020|

Hello! Today I want to talk about posture. And show you 3 basic and very effective exercises that will help you form a beautiful graceful posture. It would seem that everyone knows that keeping the [...]

Top 5 Fitness Video of 2019

January 15, 2020|

Hi athletes! I collected for you the top video of 2019. Keep save a link or post, such selection will not only help you decide what to see first, but also keep yourself in shape [...]