Ключевые правила этикета. Часть-2.

July 27, 2020|

Сегодня разберём, как себя вести в наиболее частой ситуации. За столом. Вот 5 правил, которые не дадут подумать о вас, как о некультурном человеке. 1. Сумка. Куда девать сумку? Куда угодно, но точно не на [...]

My favourite smoothie recipes.

July 24, 2020|

What is smoothie? Kind of a fashionable drink? Well, not really. If we compare freshes with smoothies, we will see that trend on smoothies is well deserved. They are way more useful and healthy. The [...]

Training for core muscles

July 22, 2020|

Core Muscle Workout 30 min. Part 1 For those to whom the load seems not enough, you can increase the number of approaches of each of the exercises, as well as use an expander or [...]