Пробиотики и пребиотики.

October 24, 2020|

Затрону сегодня очень важную тему. Здоровье нашего кишечника. Не зря говорят, что кишечник — один из главных органов. Действительно: состояние кожи, работа мозга, уровень энергии, вес, и даже длительность жизни, зависит напрямую от правильной работы [...]

Intensive workout for legs and buttocks.

October 21, 2020|

Workout for legs, buttocks. Intense. This short workout can be as a warm-up before the main training session or as a full workout with a cardio-functional training, if you complete 3-4 circles of these exercises. [...]

Fashion week 2020. Main trends.

October 19, 2020|

A week of fashion shows in Paris and Milan has already passed. I think this is enough to get a natural idea of the direction of fashion for the nearest future. I gathered my favorites [...]


October 16, 2020|

Collagen is a protein that maintains youthfulness, elasticity, and the quality of our skin. But, unfortunately, buying a collagen cream is not enough. Or rather, not effective at all ... There are 3 types of [...]

Top 3 exercises for upper body.

October 14, 2020|

Several effective upper body exercises. 😉 Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram Публикация от Yuliana Dementyeva (@yulianadementyeva) 7 Окт 2020 в 8:03 PDT Your Yuli

Vitamins of beauty.

October 9, 2020|

People often do not get their necessary dose of vitamins from food, and the majority of them do not get it at all. Dietary supplements are only the temporary help, but not a solution to [...]