The base is the strength of style. Autumn wardrobe.

Trends are changing at a breakneck pace. And the most common mistake is to buy them without having a good base. I have already repeated many times that we select trends for the base. Not the other way around! One evening is left till the autumn comes, but the weather is still warm. So we still have time to think about your basic fall wardrobe, and what to add to it.

1. Trench.

An ideal thing for the first signs of a cold snap. Most often, autumn is a period when it is still warm for a coat and a down jacket, but you can’t simply wear jeans jacket either.

2. Jacket.

This is another element of the outerwear. But its advantage is that it can be worn almost all year round. Unlike a trench coat, a jacket is also suitable for winter times.

3. Jeans.

Classic blue jeans. Whatever one may say, but you cannot do without them. And it is already considered to be normal to wear them in cultural places as well. But please buy only something that is 100% suitable for you. It is really difficult to choose jeans. Spend some time on it. Don’t forget, we are talking about the base.

4. Monotonous T-shirts.

I would definitely start with the white one. It’s good if you have several identical T-shirts. Believe me, it will always come in handy. One T-shirt can creat any look you want. Personally, I choose white as a base. But for the same purposes you can use black, gray, brown… The main thing is that it should be the basic colour of your style.

5. Hoodie.

It’s high time to forget about associating sweatshirts / hoodies with sport. In our current time, this is the base. Of course, I do not take bright sweaters with prints as an example. But to have at least one monotonously hoodie is a must for every girl and guy.

Several recommendations for choosing the basic clothing:

1. Do not be too thrifty. You will wear a trend during one season only, but the base should last for a long time.
2. Pay attention to the quality of the fabrics. It should be tight and should not wear out in just one season.
3. It should suit you. It is desirable, of course, that everything that you buy has this feature.

If sometimes you want to experiment, then give it a try try, but definitely not with all base.

Your Yuli

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