Summer 2020 antitrends

I wanted to write the second part of the article about summer trends, but then realized that you will always have time to buy trendy stuff and you need to clean up your wardrobe a little bit. That’s why let’s discuss the outdated tendencies of the last seasons.

1. Straw.

And everything what is connected to it. Straw hats, bags and other accessories were on top for several years in a raw. But it’s easy to guess that straw hats can get boring and annoying quite soon. So it’s time to go back to more minimalistic accessories.

2. Bike shorts on everyday basis.

Yes, every day, I emphasize these words! It’s early to claim that bike shorts are anti trends. But it’s also inappropriate to combine them with regular clothes or include into business outfits. You can use them for what they are made for: sport or active pastime.

3. Hair pins with pearls.

I was unsure whether I need to include them in the list, but with the arrival of warm weather I spotted this accessory on several ladies. I need to explain my point way. It’s not that they look bad or something like this. You just don’t need to get overboard and wear too many of them. And what is extra naturally looses it’s relevance.

4. Shirt dresses.

The same situation as with the previous point. It’s a very good and comfortable item of clothes. Especially for summer time. But it was extremely popular and every second person was wearing it and it’s a little bit too much. There is a plenty of replacements for this dress and I will tell you about it in my future articles. There dresses for sure will come back into fashion after a couple of years.

5. Giant sneakers.

Yes, many of you used to love them. The leg looked slender in them. But they get into the category of clothing which is very bright, attracts a lot of attention and becomes the main part of the look. So we can go back to something more sophisticated but won’t put off sneakers completely. If you really love them, there is also an alternative in a little bit more tender format.

6. Short length.

It is related to everything – dresses, skirts, shorts. Short length is not relevant anymore. Don’t complain about heat. Believe me, you won’t feel the difference between mini and midi length. Bermuda shorts simply can’t be not comfortable. Due to their lightness and air exchange it will be even easier for you to handle heat!

7. Waist bag.

It’s a very comfy summer thing when the pockets are missing because the clothes are also almost missing as well. But we went overboard with these bags, that’s why you can choose a classic option of bags or backpacks.

What things from the list are the hardest to get rid off? And what things you said goodbye to even before reading this article?


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