Anti-trends of the autumn 2019

It’s quite logical that the article about trends is followed by the article about anti-trends and old-fashioned tendencies. So, let’s start straight out the gates!

1. Knee length.

I am not going to lie, this length is considered to be standart and it always was a standard one. So wearing such length can’t be considered a serious mistake. But I recommend you to choose coats/tranch coats longer than knee length. To be honest, it’s impossible to find another option in the collections.

2. Skinny.

We all know that skinny jeans are out of trends now and they are replaced by another models. But I wanted to say that it’s not only about jeans. Everything that is super tight is not fashionable this season. The only exception is turtleneck. You can combine it with oversize clothes and be dressed to kill.

3. Skirt with the buttons.

Yes, this skirt has been popular recently. Especially among young people. But the thing is – this skirt is good for students. If you are a little bit older, wearing such skirt can be a wrong decision.

4. Cuts on jeans.

While everyone was wearing dresses and shorts, jeans were forgotten. But it’s time to warm up and we are bringing up this topic again. We should get rid of skinny jeans and jeans with cuts, they are absolutely out of fashion this seat. It’s time for new trends.

5. Tiny jackets.

I hope you see what I mean even from the title. Yes, I am talking about short sport jackets. They have the lowest price in the shops and can be found only in low level mass market. The same situation with leather jackets of this kind. Now we will wear oversize jackets.

6. Outerwear with the belt.

It was a standard version of any coat. You could wear such clothes last season, but this time it’s not going to work out well. Just put them away in the far corner of your wardrobe. We will find another ways to emphasize our waist. Straight sillhouette coats are the best ones for thus season.

7. Thin cardigan.

Don’t worry, there is no need to forget about cardigans. But, there is one model which you should avoid. I am talking about thin cotton cardigan, which reminds teacher’s shirt. It was relevant some time ago. But this season you won’t be able to wear it, because all things are oversized. You can put on voluminous knitted cardigan – it will create a great outfit and you will be warm.)

But! I need to remind you that there is no need to follow the fashion by all means and no one forces you to do it. If you like the clothes from this list, feel free to wear them. My task is just to keep you informed and updated about relevant and outdated teen.

Let’s discuss it! Let me know which points you disagree with and will wear anyway!

Your Yuli

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