It’s not fashionable! Anti-trends of summer 2019

After reviewing the most popular and relevant trends I decided to review anti-trends. Because they can really spoil the whole look.

1. Maxi skirt.

I can’t say that this tendency is super popular, but still some ladies can be spotted wearing it. Of course it’s up to you to decide what to wear or not to wear. But it’s not only about trendy. Maxi skirt can seriously spoil the whole impression of your body. Even when this skirt was super trendy, it used to beautify the limited amount of people. Because such length makes you look shorter and absolutely covers your legs. Midi length is another thing and I am definitely rooting for it.

2. Nylon socks and knee socks.

If you still believe that hiding the fact that you are wearing socks is cool and you will look trendy, unfortunately, you are mistaken. Visible socks is not just a normal thing, it’s a trendy thing right now. I am sure that you’ve noticed a wide range of different socks with bright prints and the price of these socks. I am sure that socks have become the bright and stylish element of the whole look, so don’t hide it.

3. Transparent straps.

The situation with straps kind of reminds me of the same thing with socks… Really, you can simply not wear bra or make the bra a harmonious part of your outfit. Transparent straps is a dead trend and is not relevant for more than 5 years. But if you don’t know what to do – try silicone breast pads. You can easily find them in ordinary shops or on the Internet.

4. Super “summer” prints.

I’ll try to explain myself right now. Summer is really oversaturated with summer stuff. And when, trying to create summer mood, we wear all possible kinds of palm prints, flowers, roses, leaves, etc. – we get the result, which is called oversaturation. You can use such things as a detail of your outfit, but don’t go too far.

5. Ripped jeans.

Lots of people are totally obsessed with ripped jeans and forget about all other kinds of them. This trend was on top of the world for a long time, but the peak of it’s fame is over. Now ripped jeans are mostly associated with the leftovers of the other seasons.

6. Neon.

I wrote about it a couple of months ago. And I mentioned it as a trend. To be honest, it’s one of the leaders of this summer, but I am absolutely sure that this trend won’t last forever. Because lots of people are already fed up with it. Neon will never become a classics and even if this trend comes again, it won’t last long.

7. Dresses and tops way off the shoulders.

I won’t describe this thing for a long time. Yes, it’s beautiful, romantic, but seriously, it has been everywhere. It’s time for something new.

I want to admit that the topic of anti-trends is an arguable one. My task as a person from the fashion world is just to give you some recommendations or send you in the right direction. But you are free to wear whatever you want and like!

So, could you please right in the comments down below the things from this list which you like and don’t like. Or, maybe, you will want to add something – feel free to do it.

Your Yuli

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