8 beauty mistakes you should avoid

Today I am going to present the compilation of non-standard mistakes. They are also often made and they are really gross. That’s why, let’s skip the foreword and move to the mistakes themselves.

1. Usage of cosmetics that is not appropriate for your age.

An interesting fact – words, written on the packaging can be the small source of information. Think about the fact that some people at the age of 40 look younger, and others at the age of 20 look older. We all have different skin and we age differently. You need to know the needs of your skin. There is a misconception – if you start using 30+ cream at the age of 20,you will prevent aging. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. You make the aging process faster. Because you have normal condition of collagen.

2.Wrong storage of cosmetics.

How many of you thought about the storage of cosmetics? It’s the moment, that doesn’t get necessary amount of attention. In the majority of cases ladies store the cosmetics on the dressing table. Tge most important thing is to avoid direct contact of cosmetics with sun rays. Other ladies prefer to store cosmetics in the bathroom. It’s dark there. But it’s also very humid and humidity is also bad for your beauty products. The correct way to store cosmetics is to put it in the special box.

3. You care too much.

Of course, it’s good when you take care of yourself. But don’t go overboard. You won’t become prettier by buying everything you see on the counter or listening to all possible advertisements. Of course, you can try new items, I am speaking about your personal care. And it can be a couple of daily and additional products. Use them. Many women start using concentrate and serum every day. But they are very satires and you can’t use them on regular basis. You apply them in courses. By the way, do you want an article about additional care cosmetics?

4.You don’t wash off the micellar water.
I know that packaging often says – don’t wash it off. But it’s really wrong. At night your skin should be 100% clean in any case. Except for moisture. You can leave the tonic on your face during the day, but it’s crucial to wash off micellar water.

5.Makeup removal for your eyes.
Do you know that the makeup remover for your face isn’t really good for your eyes? It doesn’t happen always, but quite often. You can buy special products for your eyes. It’s important to read what is written on the package. Quite often we skip the sentence “Avoid eye area”.

6. You don’t look at expiration date.

Let’s imagine the situation – you see the sale – 50 % discount! What do you do? Of course, you grab the product and rush to the cash office. But did you check the expiration date? Even if the expiration date is just approaching, don’t forget that every couple of months cosmetics slowly looses it’s useful qualities. Have you noticed that perfume which is sold on sales, usually doesn’t have intense smell? Sometimes you can be lucky and get a discount on the fresh product, but anyway I recommend you to be attentive if you don’t want to waste money in vain.

7. Not using sunscreen.

Sun is our friend and our enemy at the same time. Long time spent under the sun can lead to irreversible consequences. Especially for our skin. And the statistics proves this fact. For all people who love long hours of sunbathing is important to know that it only makes the aging faster. Pay attention to SPF.

8. Washing your face with cold water.

Cold water is invigorating, it tones the skin. And ladies use it every morning. Some ladies even use ice cubs regularly. It’s useful, but don’t do it too often. Contrast washing is good for skin.
Which one of these mistakes is relevant for you? I want to know. Let me know in the comments.


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