7 shocking beauty industry facts

Beauty industry has always existed. It expisted long time before the appearance of the traditional make up and cosmetics. So let’s talk what ladies used to do for beauty in old times and how first cosmetics appeared!

1. Secret formula.

Do you know that perfume was considered to be something secret… But right now we always have no idea what is inside the perfume. But when the first fragrance was created, the leakage of the components (there were only 7 of them) was punished by the death sentence.

2. Eating lipstick.

According to statistics, each lady eats around 3 lipsticks. If you are one of the ladies who like to refresh the makeup 2-3 times a day, then this fact is definitely about you. The more often you do it, the more lipstick you consume…

3. Nice eyes.

In the 3000 B.C. in Egypt was invented a “wonderful” eyeliner for beautiful eyes. It wasn’t mascara or eyeshadow. Women used belladonna as the eye drops. The pupils became dilated and eyes were shining. So you see, modern ladies were not the first to blame for being crazy about beauty.

4. Apple lipstick.

Fact about eating lipstick doesn’t seem to be so absurd if you take into account the fact that originally lipstick was made of apples.

5. Lip gloss.

This is an interesting fact – lip gloss was invented for movies but not for real life. It was invented for black and white movies. Usual lipstick looked weird on the lips and reminded a stain. In order to make lips voluptuous a decision was made to add some gloss to the lips. And slowly from the movies lip gloss moved to everyday life.

6. Pale face equals nobility.

As you understand, different times had different beauty trends. Ancient Egyptians considered light and pale skin tone to be perfect. Not all ladies at that time were lucky owners of such complexion. That’s why they applied chalk or gypsum on the face. And what about you, do you still dream about cool bronze tan?

7. Tiny eyebrows.

Trend on wide eyebrows wasn’t set by Cara Delevingne, although we still think so. Such trend existed in 18th century. Ladies used to shave the eyebrows and get rid of them. Nowadays ladies also do so sometimes, but they solve the problem of absent eyebrows with the help of tattooed brows or help of a professional master. Ladies back then sticked on their faces eyebrows made of mice fur…

Are you surprised? Which fact surprised you the most? What have you made in the name of beauty? What was the craziest beauty decision you have ever made? After this article there is nothing to be ashamed of. )))

Your Yuli

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