7 Street style mistakes of all time

Fashionable doesn’t always mean stylish. The article is about ladies opportunity to dress well but to spoil the look. We are going to take about really serious fashion mistakes. Please continue reading if you don’t want to look awkward.

1. Super trendy.

This is the case when the lady has watched all fashion bloggers, realized that she knows all fashion trends and decided to wear ALL of them. And even more – she decided to combine them all in one look. There is an abundance of trends for every person to find something for himself or herself. And you will never become more and more fashionable if you wear at once.

2. Upper body volume and sleek hairstyle.

This problem becomes especially relevant in winter. Everyone follows the trends and wear oversize jacket but at the same time make sleek ponytail which makes your head look bald. You look should be harmonic! The person with the sense of style is able to create the whole trendy look.

3. Dressed not according to the season.

I understand your desire to follow or copy the covers of foreign magazines or Instagram timeline of an overseas celebrity. But keep in mind that we live in different parts of the world with different climate. When it’s 20 degrees below zero outside it becomes difficult to get to the car without stockings.

4. Dressed not according to the circumstances.

Well, that’s my favourite one. “I am wearing my Channel dress with the designers bag decorated with Swarovski crystals, but someone is standing on my leather boots which coast 5000 $…” Probably it happens because you are in the underground? Even 100 % genuine article of the luxurious brand looks awkward in such circumstances!

5. Not your style.

Sometimes a person wants to have a certain look. But this look contradicts with who he is. It’s not a good idea to wear huge coat with a giant bag if your height is 155 cm. Believe me, you have a perfect height! But not for this type of clothes.

6. Too much perfection.

Of course I am not saying that you should wear dirty clothes. I am talking about the complect of your hat and scarf, etc. You need to understand that freestyle is not a school uniform where you should wear black and white stuff. Street style is mostly about art, no matter what others say. You should be creative instead of following the template.

7. Too much simplicity.

It reminds the previous point of our list, but this paragraph is about accessories, not about colours. They can complete your look! If you are not a fan of bracelets or pendants, try some not standard options (hairpins, watches, brooches). Or use extraordinary prints to fill your outfit.

Have you recognized yourself in any of these points? If you did, let me know in which one and try to avoid these mistakes in the future. Remember that presence of money is not a decisive thing in your style!

Your Yuli

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