7 model career myths. All truth about model’s life!

Most people think that profession of the model is a dream job. You are beautiful and have lots of money and beautiful clothes. What else do you need for happiness? But this is only one side of the medal which we see. There are many underwater stones no one thinks about. I would like to dyspel the most popular myths about being a model going from my own experience.

1. This is the easiest job ever.

This myth makes me laugh. Because people don’t even understand how wrong they are when they think that being a model is only about posing in front of the camera and getting millions for it. Yes, it’s kind of true. But let’s recall under which conditions all this stuff can become reality. First of all the amount of time. Models often work 15 or even 20 hours a day without having a rest. They constantly have to change the locations, which are often in different parts of the city. Don’t forget about the temperature and weather conditions.

2. Models are always on the diet.

Some people think that models are starving all the time. But I will reveal one secret for you – it’s not necessary to die of hunger in order to keep shape. And even more – you won’t look good if you are starving. Models would die on a diet taking into account their rhythm of life. The stereotype about the diets is a tricky one. Lots of models support healthy eating just like many simple people do. Quite often the models don’t have an opportunity to have a proper meal and they snack sometimes.
Eating is the personal choice of every model.

3. All models are extremely rich.

This stereotype is far from the truth. It’s true only for the models with a big reputation who achieved everything in life. But it’s really difficult to get into this business. Even if you see the luxurious hotels they stay at, it doesn’t really mean that they can afford it. Quite often it’s given to them by the agency and they have to work in order to pay the debts. Some even live in bad conditions but don’t loose hope to break through.

4. Models argue all the time.

Model business doesn’t really differ from traditional businesses. Everything depends on the stuff and personality. It’s an exaggeration to say that all models are chicky and basically hate each other. The situation is opposite – quite often they have to live together in the unknown foreign country and they have to learn how to live together.

5. Models are flawlessly beautiful.

We used to think that a model means a real beauty. Quite often it’s not only about appearance or being attractive. Each appearance is needed for different purposes. Each model type has pros. For example, having a perfect body makes you a perfect bikini model, but no one really cares about your face. Some not standard, extraordinary, alien-like appearance can be valued for the creation of the perfect photo. Everyone who feels like becoming a model should try it.

6. Models have horrible lifestyle.

Together with the stereotype that models are keen on healthy lifestyle, exists one more opinion – models lead a horrible lifestyle and do drugs, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. I will repeat once again – being a model requires really good health. But unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t help to be healthy. Of course due to the parties abroad many models have an access to drugs. But the decision is always made by the person and each case is unique, avoid generalizations. A model that loses control and becomes addicted can’t continue the career and stay in the business for a long time.

Has anything surprised you? What surprised you the most? Which myths did you believe in? I would like to know which myths is the most widespread?


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