7 facts about the creation of fashion. Let’s dive into history…

Today I’ve decided to bring up this topic because I think that it’s important to know the historical part of your interest. It’s Monday today so it seems logical to devote the article to fashion!

1. Sportchic.

This notion is absolutely acceptable right now and you can meet it everywhere. But did you think how it all happened? How ladies moved from massive dresses and giant accessories to jeans and hoodies? This process started Koko Channel. She decided to invent such thing as the extravagance dress which was way more convenient then white outfits.

2. Military style.

Nowadays we wear clothes and don’t even notice it’s resemblance with military uniform. And I don’t speak only about camouflage print… What about trousers, trenchcoats and military style jackets? How could these things get into our everyday lives? It happened not 5 and not even 10 years ago. It happened in the far 1820s.

3. Metallic.

In my opinion it looks quite expensive, but, unfortunately, it looses the cool because attracts too much attention. All magazines in 1930s used to write: “You will shine it you choose golden, silver or bronze fabrics, which looks as a metal ingot”. This tendency appeared at those times.

4. Dummies or mannequins.

How could it be possible to create a human’s copy and put clothes on it? Even the idea sounds creepy… But it appeared gradually. And until 19th tiny wooden dolls were considered to be dummies. And slowly they grew up and reached our sizes.

5. Division into “boy” and “girl”.

Why pink is considered to be super “for girls” color? Sometimes even for girls? It happened in 1940 when in order to differentiate the gender of kids boys were dressed into blue and girls into pink colour.

6. Wigs.

The girls in the early days used to wear wigs not because they didn’t like their hair. The reason was more serious. People had to hide the consequences of syphilis! And even the healthy person with thin hair preferred to use the wig because he did want to look sick.

7. The absence of eyelashes and eyebrows.

This “clean face effect” was a desirable goal of many women back then. Why? What for? It’s absurd for us taking into account out trend in thick and bushy eyebrows. But back in the days the absence of eyebrows was a real trend. What’s so surprising about it? Just remember Mona Lisa and you will realize that fashion icons existed at that time as well. And there was even an attempt to return this trend some years ago. To be honest, it was an unlucky attempt. Be honest, have you plugged your eyebrows to the condition of “thread”?

I would like to know whether you are interested in reading something like this? Because sometimes I feel not only like sharing the modern trends, bit also looking in the past…

Your Yuli

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