6 trends of the fall 2020

Too early? Probably. But it’s not bad to know something in advance. So today I am offering you to have a look at the trends of the upcoming season!

1. Fringe.

This detail is familiar to us. It used to belong to summer season. But now fringe is decorating coats, dresses, boots and other warm clothes. The more – the better!

2. Latex.

Even total latex look! But the material is quite specific and I want you to keep it in mind. Please, wear it, but do it with taste. If you want to wear it in everyday life, you can wear only one item or even simply have some latex inserts on your clothes. But if you have some party or big event planned, why not to try total look?

3. Poncho.

Number one accessory of fall 2020. Poncho and capes were shown in different variations and combinations. I am excited about this tendency. When there is a chance to get warmer, I am always for it. I am done with being cold in winter.

4. Ties.

Don’t associate ties only with office style. Now we, ladies, can also wear ties. The fact that ties are also the part of female wardrobe is connected with the trend on male clothes in general. Some time ago male t-shirts, jackets and trenches were super fashionable… Now accessories are added to this list. I have only one recommendation for you – if you are wearing tie, my other items of your look be more tender. Then your look will be harmonious.

5. Corsets.

It’s enough to scroll Instagram for 5 minutes to understand that corsets are used in many different outfits. Corsets not only show the beautiful side of your body, but also make it more perfect. Don’t think that it’s an underwear. The concept has changed long ago. Now you can wear corsets with tops, T-shirts or as an independent clothing item.

6. Gloves.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine gloves as a part of your daily outfit, but I recommend you not to be so categoric. For sure you have some nights or evenings out where you should be dressed to kill. Gloves without any extra effort will help you to create outstanding stunning look.


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