6 reasons of hair loss. Let’s fight alopecia!

If the amount of hair falling off your head during the day seems to be really big for you, it’s high time to start thinking about the fight against hair loss . Of course, there are some exceptions. Some people loose a lot of hair, but they don’t worry about thickness because the hair regenerates quite fast.
But if you are not sure whether hairloss is a problem for you or not, you can easily check it. Just run your fingers through your hair and check the amount of hair that has fallen out. If it’s more than 5, please, continue reading the article…

1. Low level of our immune system.
This reason is the most wellspread. Alopecia always shows the weakness of our body. But there are many different reasons for the weak immune system.

-Pregnancy / breastfeeding. It’s clear and quite understandable. The body of the woman tries to give the maximum of nutrients to the child. In this case you can not change the situation totally, because in this period you can’t take almost any medicine. That’s why focus on good and healthy eating and rest. You can also wait when the feeding process is over and your hair will start regenerating.

-Flu and influenza. Here everuthi is quite simple. Advice the doctor and start curing yourself.

-Stress. It’s not only about our feelings. The lack of sleep, big and intense physical activity, etc. Sometimes we don’t even notice the source of stress. Here I can recommend you to rest. Give yourself a right for rest. You can not work 24/7. Sometimes we need to relax.

2. Medicine.
Unfortunately, lots of medicine have a side effect – bad influence on our hair and skin. We can’t do anything about it. We need to wait for the end of medical treatment and start a recovery process. If you can replace this harmful medicine with the less harmful one, advice the doctor.

3. The lack of nutrients.
We are what we eat. We talk about eating in every article. At least, when we speak about beauty. And I repeat it again and again – our appearance and eating are connected. Hairloss is quite often connected with the lack of iron. In this case you need to take a vitamin course. Nutrition is just a prevention. And when the process of hair loss is over, take stronger doses. For prevention I cam recommend you such products : liver, buckwheat, black chocolate, beans and spinach.

4.Cardiovascular diseases.
They cause the problems with normal blood supply of the head vessels. It does not always mean that you have health problems. Probably, you just drink too much coffee and feel overcaffeinated. That’s why coffee and strong tea lovers should cut down on these drinks.

5. Hormonal problems.
Here everything is very serious. When there is a problem with hormonal function, the fight will be a little bit more difficult. And tge worse about it is in the wrong hormonal functioning. It can cause serious consequences. Run to your endocrinologist! But I want to say that the excess of testosterone can cause balding.

6. Temperature changes.
Right now this problem is really important. Imagine the stress your hair experiences! The whole night you spent in a building with a temperature of approximately 25 degrees Celcium and then you go outside where the temperature is 20 degrees Celcium negative, and then again enter the building with +23 inside. And this only one part of the problem. If you like to wash your hair with hot water and use hair dryer, it can be a problem. I recommend you to use thermal protective sprays. And wear a hat. Please.

So, some conclusions and action plan:
-make a test
-if the results is negative, we need to get tested. First of all, test your hormones. And then act according to your results.
My main advice today is – get tested. Only analysis will help you to see the whole picture of what is happening to your body.

Wish you good health.

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