5 types of appearance in modeling. Any face is beautiful.

Today we will lift our self-esteem to the clouds! Quite often, complexes and dissatisfaction with their appearance are the characteristics of ladies. Especially young ladies. You should know that absolutely any facial features will find their client if they are presented correctly. Let’s first figure out what type of appearance you have!

1. Baby face.

Plump lips in the shape of bow, often chubby cheeks. Large expressive eyes. I mean, a doll’s face. Such face is of a very high demand in the world of modeling. Especially in the sphere of thematic photography.

2. Strong face.

Standard appearance of the model. Thinness, big height, cheekbones, quite often such models also have a sharp chin. This type is suitable for all areas and spheres.

3. Commercial face.

As the saying goes “The face from the magazine cover.” This is the type of appearance we consider to be the standard of beauty. Most often, these girls can be spotted on advertising banners.

4. Alien face.

Or, it to call it more rudely – “Strange face”. This is a relatively new direction in modeling. And at the moment the most popular one. Anything can be the characteristic of this type of appearance, if it is not standard: protruding ears, unusual facial features, disproportion, uneven skin tone, a gap between the teeth, etc. Anything that was previously considered to be a flaw now becomes a benefit!

5. A practical face.

It has similarities with the point number 3. The biggest advantage is that you can do whatever you want with this face. These are fairly simple facial features that you can easily control, change, etc. with the help of makeup. It is of the highest demand in the decorative cosmetics industry.

What type of person do you think you are? 😉 And remember, we are all beautiful. Without exception!

Your Yuli.

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