5 black Friday tips! How not to empty your wallet?

On one hand Black Friday is a great opportunity to save some money and pamper yourself with new purchases, but it’s also a real trap for shopoholics and average people…

I will give you some recommendations today which will help you to stay away from marketing traps, but have a great shopping.

1. Shopping list.

You know what is the main problem? The thing is that you haven’t thought of it till black Friday. Because you didn’t need it. Of course if it’s beautifully made and has a Sale title, you naturally become attracted and interesting. Don’t forget that self-discipline is important. The best way is to create a list of things you really need. Check this list out and look for profitable offers! But only for them!

2. Define the sum of money.

No matter how much money you make, we all have a special budget for everything. We have a certain amount of money for different life spheres. But we can go crazy a little on black Friday and decide to spend all our money on clothes. Discipline can be helpful again. You should choose a concrete sum and don’t exceed it. If you decided that it’s enough, then this is enough. New decisions you make are influenced by marketing tricks!

3. Exploring and research.

If you don’t want get trapped, you’ll need to spend some time. I am not telling you to study all variety of goods online. But I recommend you to visit the shops 1-2 weeks before black Friday and pay attention to the price of the goods you want to buy. Because sometimes shops raise the price and then just go back to the original price.

4. Discuss the conditions.

Sounds like a deal. Maybe in a way it is. Ask the shop assistant about the return conditions and whether they change or not because of the sale. Some shops can change the rules for prevent people from returning the goods when they change their minds. But we are sure that it’s not going to happen to you. Just remember about the discipline.

5. Basket.

I forgot about the people who are not planning to go shopping. I also have an advice for online shoppers. And the advice is similar to the offline version. Visit the website in advance, take screenshots. That’s not everything. The price decreases at midnight. You may miss a chance to buy what you want because no one will rush to the mall at night, but lots of people shop at night. Don’t waste the time on choice when the sale is on. Add to the cart everything you want to buy and pay at night.

Now tell me: have you been influenced by the ad and then realized that it was a waste of money? Anyway I will be happy if my article becomes a saviour of your wallets. 😉

Your Yuli

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