5 ways to fight binge eating

During quarantine the topic of nutrition and eating becomes more and more relevant. The rhythm of life of almost all people has seriously changed. It is very difficult to compare your way of eating before quarantine and now. Even if it seems to you that your menu hasn’t changed, still some things have become different. I think you move less, sleep more and your biorhythms together with day schedule have changed. And what you eat influences you differently.

Today let’s try to answer the questions: “What to eat?, “When to eat”, “Why do we need to eat it?”

What should you pay your attention to?

Here are the most obvious moments you may face:

-You eat more often because of the abundance of free time;
-You constantly feel hungry because of fast access to food;
-Yenu experiments because of the absence of restaurant’s visits.

What does it lead to? Well, to one thing – more frequent meals! For many people eating has become an entertainment. Something like: “Well, there is nowhere to go, so let’s go to supermarket and buy something.” And fridge gets more and more full. So, let’s brace ourselves while it’s not too late.

What should we do?

There is a psychological nuance which I have mentioned before – be busy with something! But different activities is not our topic for today . Of course it’s hard not to think about food when you are hungry. You may feel hungry not only because you didn’t ear well, but because your meal was unhealthy and not balanced! And the body can’t think about anything else until it gets what it needs.

Step 1. Balanced meals.

You need to pay special attention to the proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and consume all of them. The easiest way is to analyze each of your meals. That’s why you need to see in your plate the sources of protein (meat/fish/eggs/beans), complex carbohydrates (cereal, bread), healthy fats (oil, seeds, avocado, sea fish). But how can you estimate each meal if you have thousands of them a day?

Step 2. Separate your meals.

In our life before quarantine it was normal. We used to eat in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Some used to have a couple of snacks. Anyway, there was a certain order. Now daily menu of many of us looks like huge amount of snacks 24/7. You didn’t eat anything serious, but amount of calories is insane. In order to avoid this situation, organise everything, bring everything in order and have a fixed amount of meals.

Step 3. Don’t buy junk and unhealthy food.

Quarantine is a great time to train your will. If at least once you overcome your desire to eat something unhealthy, the next time you won’t feel a desire to leave the house one more time simply to buy some unnecessary food.

Step 4. Liquid.

No,I am not advising you to fight your hunger with water! No way. But with water you can fight your desire simply to put something in your mouth when you get bored. The next time you feel like eating something you don’t really need, brew a cup of tea with some lemon or sea buckthorn. Or ginger.

Unit 5. Cut down on sugar and coffee.

Do it as much as you can. Sugar is the reason of constant hunger. Swings if these substances in your body lead to mood swings and binge eating.

I hope that this article will make you rethink your current lifestyle and change it easily.

So,how is it going with your eating on quarantine? Do you have some weight problems, or everything is ok? I can share my favourite recipes with you and bring some variety!


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