5 myths about hair care

We have not talk about hair enough long time. I thought of writing about five tips, but they have all been heard for sure. But it is more interesting to dispel sensational myths.

1. Do not dry your hair with hair dryer.
This item can be doubtful. A hot stream of air will not do anything good with your hair, but let’s be honest – how can we be without it? Most people don’t have time for these expectations until the hair is dry. Thermal protection has been around for a long time + special hair dryer mode + harmless way of drying. If it is possible not to dry, then use it. But the harm of the hair dryer is clearly overestimated. So, you shouldn’t refuse from hair dryer per 100%.

2. Do not comb wet hair.
After washing, hair turns into a lump of something. And yes, in this form they should not be combed. In the wet state, the hair is less resistant to damage. But if they are pre-combed (as it should be done), then after washing, there is hardly appear such a problem. In addition, you probably used a mask / conditioner. Just look how hard is your hair tangled.

3. Hair get dirty as often as you wash.
If is it possible? Does anybody still believe it? Even if your girlfriend can afford not to wash her hair for 2-3 days, then it is quite possible that you need to do it daily. It’s all up to the hormones that are directly related to the sebaceous glands. And no matter how much you teach your head, there is no sense. Your body has long been settled everything without you already.

4. Haircut makes influence on the thickness and growth rate.
It is also impossible. How can the ends affect the roots? Each of us has follicles (bulbs) at birth and cannot become them anymore. But if you have lost your hair, then with the help of masks and procedures you can stimulate the growth of your hair in the empty bulbs, because the effect goes on the roots themselves. By cutting off the dry ends, you make your hair more voluminous, but only visually. And here, as you see, your body also decided everything without you)

5. Lamination of hair spoils them.
The procedure is really not gentle, but it cannot spoil your hair. The process affects only the length of the hair, but not the roots.

Conclusion: most often girls suffer inconvenience and waste their time in vain. And everything is actually much easier than they open to us.

And you, do you have examples of unjustified facts in practice? Do you agree with the above? I propose to discuss it. )

Your Yuli

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