10 new anti trends. Tendencies which should be left in 2019!

Nothing surprising. Well, what should I post on 30th of December? Today we are having the last article in this year. 😉 So many different things were written during these 12 months! And now let’s find out what things should be left in 2019…

1. Eco-fur coats.

Well, it doesn’t mean that we will need to kill animals in order to have fur coats. Absolutely not. But we will try to replace fur coats with down jackets and coats.

2. Colourful jeans.

Red, yellow, green… Forget about them. I understand that it’s winter time and you don’t wear them. But keep it mind while creating your spring look and choose jeans of the classic colour. And I will remind it once again when the spring starts approaching .

3. Skinny.

I can’t call it the trend of 2019. But I still see such jeans on the counters. I am sure that they will never disappear forever. I can’t say that it’s and anti trend, it’s more like the item which has lost its relevance. You can wear them only of you have perfect legs and body in general.

4. Headbands.

And not only headbands. It was super edgy to wear headbands this year. But let’s let our head breathe and leave only hats which warm us in winter.

5. Fluffy shoes.

In 2020 I honestly recommend you to forget about all kinds of fluffy shoes. Starting with summer slippers and ending with winter shoes. We have here the same situation as we have with the fur coats – eco fur is not relevant!

6. Waist bags.

This item is a popular one and it seems to be present in the wardrobe of every person, no exceptions. Correct me if I am wrong. And quite often when we have a certain train in abundance, it can leave us for a long time. These bags are not the exception.

7. Transparent bags.

Mostly it was bags. But shoes, coats and transparent inserts are also out of fashion right now.

8. Leopard.

It’s not a surprise to have it on the list. This print can leave, then come back and then leave again…But you won’t forget it forever. All people still divide into two categories – those who love it and those who hate it. What’s your choice?

9. Massive sneakers.

They looked cool. Especially on contrast with tender female clothes. But at a certain moment they started looking absurdly rough and lost their cool.

10. Bike shorts.

Not everyone could have tried this trend. In order to wear them you should have an ideal body. Many people decided to omit this nuance and wore them anyway. And maybe that’s why lots of people have the wrong perception of these shorts. I can say that I loved this trend.

What can you say about last year trends? What did you like/remember the most? And what wouldn’t you wear at all?

Your Yuli

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