Men skin care mistakes.

Yes, this is a beauty article and it’s written for men. We talk about the ladies and they beauty care constantly. That’s why I want to pay attention to men, because there is not so much information on this topic… The lack of information can be the reason why men make mistakes. And who will be the eye-opener? I will try to do it. First let’s see what’s so different about men and women.

-Men don’t like to waste lots of time on self-care, but still want to look well-groomed.
-Male skin is less sensitive and thicker.
-Men are more inclined to have rashes.

Now the mistakes:

1. Washing your face only with water.

Let’s talk about the care. What do we need? You may be surprised, but I really recommend you to follow this advice! Don’t think that water is enough for good skin cleansing. Both men and women should get rid of bacteria on the skin! We both need to have face cleaning products. I recommend you something light, for example foam or daily gel.

2. Using the moisturising cream.

It’s not that simple with cream. Because the majority of men don’t need it. Men’s skin is inclined to be fatter. Cream only boosts the activity of the sebaceous glands. Of course, everything is individual, but I am talking about the majority.

3. Avoiding visits to cosmetologist.

Here we can blame the stereotype that attending cosmetologist is purely for women. But I want to say that cosmetologist is a doctor, just like a dentist or physician. But he is responsible for your skin condition. And if you have some skin problems, you should visit this doctor. He will help to get rid of skin defects and find the right skincare.

4. Choosing only cosmetics for men.

I am not going to argue the fact that the choice of cosmetics for women is way bigger. It doesn’t mean that male cosmetics doesn’t exist. You can find it at any brend. But there isn’t always an urge of doing it. Sometimes you can choose the tonics and face cleansers for women.

5. Paying attention only to the external factors.

Usually, when men do something for their skin, they pay attention to products which provide external care. But you need to nourish yourself from inside. Besides healthy eating and drinking enough water, there are also vitamins. I won’t recommend anything, because it’s a medical thing to do. I will just repeat that visiting doctors is important. Only doctors can prescribe you medicine going by your analysis.


Men should care of themselves. And don’t that it’s a theme only for girls. We are all people and want to look great. And if many men use decorative cosmetics, how can we doubt the fact that we have totally different care routine?

And now please write what other beauty topics you are interested in? Maybe I need to write something else for men? Waiting for your ideas!

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