What’s on your plate?

We use different salads every day, especially in summer. We eat them in cafe, at home or at our friends’ house. And it’s hard to imagine the day without it. And we eat this blend of everything without thinking of the concrete ingredients.

Today I want to focus on the ingredients of salads and how they influence our body.

1. Mint.

Usually we add mint for flavour. It can be often met in the drinks and desserts, sometimes it can be found in salads. Mint contains menthol oil. Due to it, mint has become very popular in the pharmacy. It provides:

-analgesic effect;
-anti-inflammatory effect;
-it decreases blood pressure;
-helps to cure gynecological diseases;
-improves peristalsis.

You see how many positive effects it has! And we used not to pay lots of attention to it.”It floats in mojito so let it float there…” But this herb happened to be very healthy. I recommend mint for ladies with some gynecological problems, such as periods pain, PMS, climax.

2. Basil.

-decreases inflammation;
-normalizes blood clotting;
-eases the pain in joints after the long workouts;
-provides antipyretic effect.

I highly recommend it to sportsmen and people experiencing stress.

3. Dill.

This thing is familiar to us from our childhood. The amount of it’s positive effects is not as huge as the mint has, but still check it out:

-it influences digestion;
-increases skin elasticity;

In general it’s a good product for improvement of your metabolism and digestion. Other greens provide the same effect, so let’s not focus on each of them specifically. Cabbage, parsley and coriander do the same thing.

4. Spinach.

This product is more interesting because it really does a lot.

-regulates sugar level in blood;
-decreases blood pressure.

You can eat it fresh or boiled. People who are inclined to have diabetes should add spinach to the menu. At least for prevention.

5. Arugula.

It’s a real must have, in my opinion. People, who don’t eat diverse meals or suffer from the lack of appetite, should also pay attention to it.

-it nourishes body with microelements
-makes a positive impact on people with some digestion problems – gastritis, stomach ulcer, pancreas diseases, etc.

I know that many people don’t like greens. Tastes differ and that’s ok. But I want to give you a useful recommendation – cook green smoothies! The best thing is to do it in the morning. Don’t overcomplicate, just blend the greens together with water (coconut water is even better), add some ice and enjoy your drink!

Do you like some of the mentioned greens? And are there things which you’ve never tried before?


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