Top useful seasonings for salads!

Summer is associated with the changes in the menu. We start eating less meat, bakery and fatty food. And we don’t do it on purpose. It’s normal – we change the menu naturally due to the abundance of fruits and vegetables. But even the simple salad can be cooked in different ways. Do you know which ingredient is the most important? The seasoning! Is it a surprising fact? Tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables are the same for everyone. But the seasoning can be different. It can make the salad more useful or harmful. The best seasoning is oils. I will speak about each of them in details.

1. Olive oil.

The olive oil will be on top of our list. Olive oil is considered to be the most useful and the healthiest oil. But pay attention to the name of this oil and avoid the words “mix”. It means that the oil was produced by mixing different oils and the absorption of these oils by our body will be not so good. And lots of people simply don’t like the taste of olive oil. It seems to be bitter for them. In order to avoid this feeling, choose the oils with the lower acidity. The level of acidity is shown on the package.

2. Corn oil.

Corn oil contains lots of healthy substances such as beta-carotin, vitamins K, B1, B2, B3 and ascorbic acid. This oil is really useful for people with cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis. It decreses the level of “bad” cholesterol. And thus oil doesn’t invoke any allergies.

3. Avocado oil.

Avocado oil improves the work of digestive system. It is good for preventing the stomach problems and gastritis. It boosts the fats and carbs exchange. That’s why, despite it’s high calories, you should include it in your menu!

4. Flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil is B-vitamins, Omega – 3 acids, Omega – 6 acids and retinol together with tokopherol in one thing! Flaxseed oil is very useful for women. It doesn’t mean that men don’t need it. But flaxseed oil is rich in estrogen. And, as we remember, this hormone is responsible for our beauty: hair, skin and nails…

5. Apple vinegar.

We are going to wrap up our list with vinegar, but not oil. Vinegar is considered to be harmful, and it is partially true. But you can learn how to use it in a positive way. The apple juice in the process of its fermentation process produces acid. This acid is vinegar. It contains microelements, mineral substances such as calcium, magnum, natrium, all B-group vitamins, vitamins C, ES, A. This thing is the richest with potassium! You can actually read about the usefulness of apples and draw your own conclusions.

I also want to mention one important detail! All oil are divided into refined and not refined. Lots of people skip this detail. But it’s an important thing! You cannot fry your food on not refined oil! It has an intense smell and is good for seasoning the salads.

So, what’s your favorite oil?

Your Yuli!

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