Top 5 taboos in food

Good evening, dear !!!!

Vacation me decently relaxed, almost 10 days, I did not write any posts on the blog. Today is Friday, the beauty day. Usually Friday’s post is the most read by you, of course, I understand why)) My readers and readers are helpful in my advice, I am very grateful for the positive feedback, your support is very important! Since, unfortunately, not always have the inspiration to write))
Today’s post will be useful to everyone, both men and women!
Products (top 5) that I do not eat or try to eat as little as possible.
So, I say NO:


Sugar is a drug, it causes real dependence (a scientifically proven fact). There is not a single useful component in it. Even reed has a questionable coefficient of use – an insignificant part of the vitamins is not capable of rehabilitating the product. Suda includes sweet drinks, desserts, jam, etc .

2. Dairy products

I do not like milk, I do not eat cheese, I do not add cream to coffee, and I try not to often eat cottage cheese. Believe me, with calcium in the body I have everything in norm. I consider it a mistake that dairy products are necessary in the diet of an adult.
I’m not a doctor, I will not prove anything scientifically, of course, I will simply tell you about my feelings about using these products. First, heaviness in the stomach, swelling, even sometimes nausea. Second, the skin deteriorates. Visibly! Third, the taste of dairy products I do not like and the energy disappears (Try to hold on for 2 weeks without dairy products and feel the difference! Replace with coconut or almond milk as a last resort.

3. Desserts

Well, I do not like desserts, and never showed weakness for them. It does not attract me the look of plastic cakes, or cakes. I can safely give up Birthday Cake. But, the only thing I love is the layered dough. If sugar is absent in 85% of your diet, once a week you can safely eat a croissant with chocolate or an apple tart with a vanilla ball.

4. Flour (Wheat flour)

I try not to eat at all or, if there is, it is very rare, flour dishes. Everything that is made of wheat flour I think is not just a product that should be abandoned to losing weight, but also to those who do not pursue the goal of losing weight, but just eat right. This is an extensive topic, it will go on gluten. It is possible to argue endlessly about the benefits or harm of gluten, but when you see the real result … it makes no sense! So, my child has long been on a gluten-free diet, and only this saved us from atopic dermatitis. And I feel more energy without eating wheat. How many athletes would not shout about the benefits of oatmeal, I say, again, judging from my own experience, that once a week it is enough. Even gluten-free.

5. Practically do not eat garnishes. I hardly eat soups. I do not drink water while eating. I practically do not drink tea.

Short. Clearly. The main points are described.
Good Friday to all!


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Юлиана, большое спасибо за советы. опишите, пожалуйста, примерный рацион? какие основные продукты присутствуют?


Юлиана, со всем соглашаюсь, кроме молочки. Возможно у Вас просто непереносимость молочных продуктов? Не делали анализ на гемокод? Я не представляю свою жизнь без творога, кефира и сыра. И комфортно себя чувствую. Кстати, Вы не написали как вы относитесь к алкоголю:) возможно, стоило добавить этот пункт?