Top 5 equipments for fitness at home

Hi!)) I`d like to tell you about fitness equipment which I use and I can recommend to you. They are too big therefore whatever was the area of your apartment, they won’t disturb you. They are not expensive, so may be even better to buy once the home trainer, than is constant update the card to a fitness studio. Well, and probably, the most important that they are always by hand. In any time you can work at home and turn in shape after a heavy dinner or a big portion of a dessert)) As for me I always take in trips a jump rope, it doesn’t take a lot of place in a suitcase and not heavy.

So the main thing – don`t be lazy. Yes, I strict and exacting about regular trainings) In sport reaches, as well as in the ballet, the main is a discipline!) Girls, write me, ask your questions, show the results) I try for you) And I want that my subscribers were in a good shape!)

Well, now let`s talk about my sport equipment)

I will begin with Leg Magic, it is the compact exerciser for an internal surface of a hips. I think, you know how difficult is to pump up this zone! The principle of work is very simple – you come on the curved part of the exerciser, undertake the handle and begin to cramp legs to the center, and then from the center. In the official recommendation it is written that there is enough 2-3 minutes a day for excellent result. I recommend to prolong training till 5-7 minutes. Besides the tightened hips, you still receive the tightened belt as exercises on Leg Magic are calculated also on a press.

I bought it long ago and, maybe, there were already other new exercisers , but at the moment Leg Magic completely good for me. As alternative to this exerciser, I use elastic bands, they are in any shop of sport goods.

A jump rope. An easy and comfort way to make a light cardio. As an option, you can use a racetrack or on the Orbitrek (the principle as on skis) or to make jog in the morning/evening, but as for me I like rope jumping. What result? During jumps all group of muscles is involved, you train legs, buttocks, the lower press, hands, shoulders. Your waist come slimmer, the bearing becomes equal and the most important – you can get rid of cellulitis.

These are my weightings for legs. I do all exercises with them. Choose for yourself the easiest, 0,5 – 0,75 kg for a start, and over time take something heavier, 1,5 – 2 kg, but still depend on what result you want to get.

By means of a gymnastic ball it is possible to make the whole set of exercises. I will surely show them for now just buy it in any sport shop in one of video (if you still don’t have it). You won’t regret!) Running beforehand, I will tell that it is the excellent exerciser for those, who have a sedentary life. For example, you in front of the computer spend much time.

A beater for a press, too, as you can see, small and compact. This wheel with holders from two parties is forwarded on press muscles. I will tell about him in the following videos too and I will show how it is correct to be engaged on it.

I decided to tell about loops of TRX right at the end. This exerciser can replace to you above and above described. I is possible to do a full set of exercises and to train anywhere – in the hall, at home, in a hotel room, in park. And he doesn’t take a lot of place in a bag. The main trick of these loops is that you involve all muscles in work, without doing load of a backbone. The only thing that can’t be done with it is cardio.

Well, and of course, don’t forget about a rug.)


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