Top 3. Hair oils from Yuliana Dementyeva.

1. Coconut oil.

Masks with coconut oil can be used on hair of any type, but the product is especially appreciated for its moisturizing and nutritional properties. It is ideal for dry tips, prone to cross-section and brittleness. Also has a beneficial effect on the scalp: soothes, relieves irritation, helps fight fungal diseases, prevents their appearance.
Recipe: u need to heat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil on a water bath and if you have a normal / dry scalp, rub the oil in dirty hair from the roots, if the scalp is prone to grease, then retreat 10 cm from the roots and rub into the tips, use the bath hat and hold the mask for as long as possible. To wash off with shampoo and u don’t need to apply conditioner after.

2. Grape seed oil.

Grape seed oil is fluid and lean, odorless, clear and colorless. Light, delicate texture and a rich set of nutrients and vitamins offers many possibilities for use. It is excellent for nutrition of hair and scalp in various ways. The oil moisturizes the epidermis, promotes hair growth, strengthens their structure, treats dandruff. Grape seed oil is also believed to increase the density of the hair cover. The recipe for use as a mask to hair is the same as in the case of coconut oil.

3. Argan oil.

Liquid Moroccan gold – so in the whole world is called argan oil. This is the most expensive of all cosmetic oils and the most useful – it is indispensable in cosmetology, is used for therapeutic purposes. Argan oil is an amazing complex of chemicals: various acids, vitamin E (it is more here than in the legendary olive oil) and sterols – special substances that are vital for human skin. This amazing tool nourishes the hair, strengthens hair follicles, gives hair shine!
Recipe: Half an hour before washing, we put 3-4 drops of oil: first rub in the roots of hair and massage, then distribute along the length. It will also help classical aromatism: just apply a few drops of argan oil on the comb. This way it is easy to replace the conditioner for hair after washing.


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