Things you need to know about mascara. How not to let it dry out? Let’s choose your perfect mascara!

Recently I’ve devoted the whole article to foundation. Now let’s do the same with mascara. Because you can’t tell something about in a couple of words.

How to choose your mascara? You need to choose it according to your demands and not every mascara will be perfect for you. And different people have different eyelashes. Mascara is made not only for giving a color to eyelashes and not only for curling them, although the majority of people think so. Mascara can be varied in performing different functions.

First of all, we need to get acquainted with different types of mascara and how to differentiate them.
1. Curling
2. Volumetric
3. With the lengthening effect

Also mascara can be waterproof and healing.
In order to make a right choice, you need to know your type of eyelashes. And it’s not really difficult to figure this information out. If your eyelashes are short, lengthening effect is what you need, if you have thin and blonde eyelashes, add more volume, etc.

But how to understand the characteristics of each mascara?
– Volumetric mascara has a word “volume” on the package. The brush is barrel-shaped. This mascara separates each hair and makes eyelashes fluffy.
– Mascara with a lengthening effect has a word “length” on the package. Such components as silk and nylon create a protective firm, which makes the eyelashes longer. The texture of this mascara is liquid.
I’ve described main characteristics of each mascara and the pictures will help you.

– Pay your attention to the smell of mascara, the presence of acrid smell is a sign of preservatives.
– Always look at the date of manufacture.

And what about the price? Of course, we don’t need to save on cosmetics, but it’s a tricky question when it comes to mascara. Don’t be crude – cheap mascara as well as extremely expensive one are both not really good choices. Mascara isn’t going to serve you really long. All mascaras have one flaw – quick drying. So, you can choose qualitative products, but for a reasonable price
For a reasonable price.

But sometimes the drying of your mascara is the consequence of the way we use it and not only the fault of manufacturer.

Here are some tips how to prevent your mascara from quick drying.
– Proper storage
Don’t take mascara with you if you are going to be in a cold place or try to hide it from frost. The same situation is with sun rays and batteries, cosmetics is very perceptive to temperatures.
– Close it tightly
– Be careful with the brush, especially when you twist it. Because the air in mascara leads to drying.
What can we do in the case of drying?
There is a way out. Don’t hurry to throw your mascara away! You can give a second life to your product. First, you can add some oil or eyedrops.

You can also put your mascara in a glass with warm water and leave it there for 10-15 minutes (avoid getting of liquid inside). These methods will help if you are the reason of mascara’s drying. But if the real reason is expiry date, forget about these methods. There is a risk to get an allergy or other problems with eyes!

I’ve tried to gather all important information here, but the conversation on this topic can be really long…
And now I want to ask you – what do you think about discussing specific product, mascara, for example? Do you want me to write about something else? If yes, let me know what you are interested in. You can share this article with your friends!


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