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Trendy shoes of summer 2019

May 20, 2019|

We have discussed clothes trends. Now it's time to talk about shoes. So, let's get it started! 1. Mules. These shoes are very practical, you can wear them and combine with any clothes. They are [...]

What clothes to wear in spring?

April 22, 2019|

Have you noticed how changeable the weather is? It's sunny and nice in the morning, you wear leather jacket, spend half a day in it and then the temperature dicreases on 7 degrees and rain [...]

How to dress up after 40?

March 18, 2019|

I am not sure about the amount of them, but definitely some of my followers are ladies at the age of 35-40. And this age causes many problems with style. Of course, not because the [...]

Hot casual look

October 8, 2018|

Hi!!! What a wonderful day today! I hope your monday is as sunny as mine. Autumn is not my favorite time of the year, often apathy and depression appear at such times, but it seems [...]

MMM Mazaribaz Monday Mood

October 1, 2018|

Guys! Hello! Who was there to close Ibiza? The weather on the island is wonderful.) And in Kiev, the sun is happy.) Still have the opportunity to enjoy the velvet season. Today I will show [...]