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What clothes to wear in spring?

April 22, 2019|

Have you noticed how changeable the weather is? It's sunny and nice in the morning, you wear leather jacket, spend half a day in it and then the temperature dicreases on 7 degrees and rain [...]

How to dress up after 40?

March 18, 2019|

I am not sure about the amount of them, but definitely some of my followers are ladies at the age of 35-40. And this age causes many problems with style. Of course, not because the [...]

Hot casual look

October 8, 2018|

Hi!!! What a wonderful day today! I hope your monday is as sunny as mine. Autumn is not my favorite time of the year, often apathy and depression appear at such times, but it seems [...]

MMM Mazaribaz Monday Mood

October 1, 2018|

Guys! Hello! Who was there to close Ibiza? The weather on the island is wonderful.) And in Kiev, the sun is happy.) Still have the opportunity to enjoy the velvet season. Today I will show [...]

Meet first autumn days fashionable

September 24, 2018|

Greetings to the readers of the blog! Today it became thoroughly cold, autumn comes into its own. I have prepared a street style for today, which is suitable both in the afternoon and in the [...]

Trendy boots fall 18’ 19’

September 17, 2018|

And again, hello to the fashionistas.) Today I am writing about the trend of this autumn and spring: massive shoes! Who watches the novelties, he knows that this season all the fashionable people have stocked [...]