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Basic wardrobe for the fall 2019

September 16, 2019|

In the very beginning I want to clarify one moment, which has become a serious misconception among many ladies. Basic wardrobe is individual! A woman, who spends 90 % of her life in the office [...]

Top 10 looks for vacation

July 22, 2019|

You probably know this situation: packed a full suitcase, but u don`t wear even  half of it on vacation. We imagine that will often change dresses, but getting to a hotel we relax and can [...]

Sport clothes optional guide

June 17, 2019|

I decided not to wait till Wednesday and brought up this topic today. We are going to talk about clothes and this topic is absolutely fine for Monday. So, what should we start with? Top! [...]

Trendy shoes of summer 2019

May 20, 2019|

We have discussed clothes trends. Now it's time to talk about shoes. So, let's get it started! 1. Mules. These shoes are very practical, you can wear them and combine with any clothes. They are [...]