Skin Care in Spring

The winter finally gave in! During cold weather everybody protected skin, so in spring there needed another skincare. My post today is about how to clean skin at the beginning of spring.

It will be better if at first I write what you can’t do with face skin in March:

  • lay any cosmetics on a spirituous basis. At least till May. After winter the skin, more than ever, needs “feed” by vitamins and substances, useful to a skin, and alcohol will dry a skin which wasn’t restored after winter yet.
  • the grinding of the person and peeling in beauty shops will wait till May too. In March the skin is still too weak for such aggressive procedures.
  • refuse a habit to wash water from under the cock. Since evening leave boiled water and in the morning wash or wipe a skin with ice cubes.

For a good care try at least two times a week to do steam trays with essential oils. Will disappear paleness, dark circles under eyes, pores will absorb in themselves useful substances of the procedure and on a face the healthy blush will appear.

Forget about “heavy” creams, instead of them choose a basis under a make-up or cosmetic gels for a sensitive skin. And before going to bed use vegetable oils: coconut, jojoba or olive.

Don`t over try with scrubs. Put ones in 10 days and choose delicate product for a sensitive skin. I read many good reviews of a scrub from fresh coffee. If you also like it, then surely before applying add to a coffee ground olive oil.

And the most important beauty-device is sleeping. Try to sleep for 7-8 hours every day and don’t worry about little things! 🙂

Kisses! Your Yuli

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