The secret of perfect eyebrows. How to make them thick without the help of trichologist?

Eyebrows is an important part of make-up. They can give a different shape to your face and crucially affect your appearance and whole look. Don’t forget about them.

There are some points which can make your eyebrows perfect. Let’s discuss them in details:
1. Thickness. I mean our natural eyebrows. It’s a basis.
2. Correction
3. And make up itself.
Let’s start with the very beginning.

1. Thickness
You need to understand that creating a perfect shape of eyebrows without hair is impossible. You need to admit it. We need thick eyebrows first, and after that we can start creating the shape. The thickness of eyebrows depends on our genes. But our actions are also important. Especially care.

First, we need to get rid of the habit of plucking the eyebrows. Even if you really want it. The less you touch your eyebrows, the better they grow. If you are afraid to have an untidy look, foundation can help you.

But there is one more important nuance – the amount of follicles. The nature determines the amount of follicles, but the story is the same as the story with our head follicles – they can be active or sleeping. And with a help of tolerance and special means we can activate them. And make our eyebrows thicker. We need castor or olive oils. You can choose any you want, but I prefer to mix castor oil and vitamin E. You need to apply oil with the help of eyebrow brush every night and soon you will see the result. You can do the same procedure with your eyelashes, it will make both your eyebrows and eyelashes thicker. You can also look at different means which you can buy in a drugstore.

That’s it
-oil every night
-don’t touch your eyebrows
-style your eyebrows every morning
And wait…

2. Correction
Now let’s talk about second point. When our brows have become thicker and stronger, we can correct them. Here are some recommendations:
-look at yourself in a small and big mirror, in this case you can be sure in the symmetry of eyebrows
-don’t hurry to pluck the eyebrows, you were not growing them for this purpose. First draw the shape with the pencil.
-when you are done with the correction, use some cream or oil in order to avoid irritated skin
-if you have some irritated skin, you can hide it with the consealer

3. The last step – make up or dying your eyebrows.
If your eyebrows are naturally very thin or you don’t want to waste your time on styling every day, you can try tattooed eyebrows. You can try some methods, which will make your eyebrows look natural. It is called hair tattoo technique. If you are a fan of decorative cosmetics, you need to choose several means, because it’s really difficult to get a perfect result with the help of one thing. For example, to make a natural effect you can use brow shades and brow pencil. But everything is very individual. The only recommendation that I can give you is to leave your eyebrows 100% dry before you color them. It will be way more convenient!

Do you understand now, that even without makeup you can look good with the help of eyebrows? And now you know how to do it. I really hope that this article inspired you to go and buy oil and hide tweezers right now on the way to your perfect brows!
Have a nice weekend everyone!


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