Good digestion – clean skin. Scrabs for the intestines!

I apologize for bringing up such sensitive topics, but there is no point to be silent about it. We all know the function of the intestines. But let’s not forget that it can also accumulate toxins and slags. The more wrong and unhealthy your nutrition is, the more toxins you have. It reflects on your health and especially on your face. This is how it works – everything inside your body reflects on your skin and looks. Just like we need scrabs for body and face, we need scrabs for your intestines. But you can’t buy such scrabs in cosmetics shop. In this case you need to go to your kitchen. So, what do we need for our intestines to work? Let’s discuss it!

Before I will name the products you need to eat, let’s discover the products you need to exclude from your menu.

1. Flour products.

People don’t only put on weight because of buns and croissants. They can be the reason of bad and not regular bowels. If you can’t refuse from such food, I recommend you to give preference to rye bread and bakery products made of oatmeal flour. There is a plenty of recipes on the Internet!

2. Instant porridge.

To honest, oatmeal is not as useful as we are used to think. I would say that it’s even harmful. Not all kinds of oatmeal. If you take raw oatmeal, which should be cooked at least for 30 minutes, it’s a good choice. But the majority of people are used to making “fast” porridge in 5 minutes, which contain lots of sugar! The same situation is with other cereals. It’s quite simple: instead of semolina porridge we take barley, we replace white rice with red/black/brown rice,etc.

And now let’s move to the products which will save your intestines and normalize your digestion.

1. Fat products.

Be attentive – fat can be different. I mean vegetable fats, which have a positive impact on the intestines. Juts, avocado, vegetable oils, nut butter. But consume these products in moderation.)

2. Yoghurts.

Let’s skip the question – “To eat or not to eat dairy products?” People decide by themselves. And I’ve already had this article. If you consume dairy products, they are absolutely great for your digestion. Kefir and yoghurt are great, milk is a questionable thing. These products are useful when they contain no fillers. The perfect ingredients are milk and useful bacteria. Also pay your attention to the freshness of the products. The best product is the fresh product. Expired or not fresh product will have an opposite effect.

3. Flaxseed oil seeds.

It’s a real miracle for the intestines! You can consume them in limited amount. Even 1 tea spoon a day will make a positive impact. You can also make your potion with seeds. When the seeds get into the intestines, they become bigger and clean this organ from toxins.

4. Cellulose.

This product is the most important product from our article. You need to add it to your menu. The more – the better. You can find it in fruits and vegetables. I recommend all fans of juices to start consuming fruits. There is a myth that fresh juice is useful. It mostly contains sugar. Vitamins will evaporate in a couple of minutes. The main usefulness of the fruit hides in cellulose. You can buy it additionally or in the form of powder and add it to dishes.

Conclusion: If you want to look good and feel good, you need to try integrated approach. Masks and gels are not enough. Everything is connected in our body. Lifestyle, nutrition, emotional state – they can influence skin. Think about it.

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