Popular face masks

Today I compiled a selection of popular masks. I hope you will be pleased to remember them.
And those, who missed the early articles, will learn something new in this one. )))

Recipes for skin around eyes

Mask from a linen seed
In small capacity warm seeds until they don’t boil soft. Put ready mix in a thin napkin and apply to the person for 20 minutes. Wash away warm water and rinse skin cold.

Spanish mask
For its preparation you need haricot. You razvarivat a glass of haricot, then you knead in a plate. Mix it with lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Swedish mask
We take cottage cheese, we knead and we mix it with a honey teaspoon. We apply ready mix with a plentiful layer and we hold 10 minutes. Careful wash away warm water.

Face masks

The first mask is super nutritious and super moistirizing. I use it long ago, the mask decelerates process of withering of skin, prolongs youth of skin and prevents mimic wrinkles. Take coconut oil, olive and oil of avocado. Mix everything. Take a half of banana, knead and add ready gruel to an oily compound. Hold 15 minutes and wash away warm water.

The second mask is a mask from flax. It is called “a secret of eternal youth”. To flood a tablespoon with flax boiled water in the morning and to leave till the evening. By this time flax selects slime – it also is useful to skin! Put one layer, wait so far will dry and put following. It perfectly tightens a face contour and heals reddenings and even an acne.

Masks based on clay

Mask for problem skin
Spread necessary amount of clay on a saucer, add mineral water and mix that there were no lumps. Apply mix to the peeled skin and hold not less than 15 minutes. Cosmetologists give an advise to apply mask not more often than two times a week.

Mask for dry skin
Take white or pink clay, mix with several drops of essential oils – a sandal-wood tree, a rose or orange. Sometimes add a little cream to mix. Hold 10 minutes. The mask saves from peeling and feeling of tightness of skin.

Mask from an acne
Mix black clay with boiled water of room temperature and we add one yolk. Leave on a face not longer than 5-7 minutes. This recipe will also help at inflammatory processes on skin.

Mask from wrinkles
To smooth a face and to remove small wrinkles, you need red clay. Mix it with warm milk and a tsp of glycerin, hold 20 minutes. Try to do this mask regularly, 2-3 times a week.

The main thing is to hold a mask lying. It is very important. Otherwise clay delays skin down and застыв, fixes it such.For the best effect, before drawing steam out a face a little. A time will extend and will absorb a maximum of advantage of a mask. Never tear off clay! Wash away with a warm water and quiet movements massing skin from top to down.

Keep youth and beauty!
Yours Yuli

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