Nutrition mistakes that kills us.

Do you want to talk about health? It happens that we are complainingabout our poor state of health and illness, not even knowing what kind of mistakes we’re making in our everyday life and especially in nutrition. I’d like to tell about a few points that should be paid attention to.

1.Adding honey to tea. Specifically hot tea. The temperature of which is above 40C. Are you shocked too? As it turned out, honey produces carcinogenes when heated. Nothing happens at once, but over time it accumulates and may cause horrible diseases. The conclusion: cool down the tea and after that you can add honey or eat it just in bite. This also applies to desserts. As you can see, the replacement of sugar is not always useful venture.

2.The shortfall of necessary components. In other words, the balance of PFC. You don’t need a fanatic count of calories and be afraid to eat extra bite of carbohydrate. Simply you need to control your body be supplied everything it needs. Because every component has its own function. And if you analyze ration of most people, you’ll see that most of them are consuming carbohydrate and has a lack of protein. So try to count PFC couple times to make sure you diet is right and make corrections.

3. A lot of sugar. Amazing how this component can hide in other products and follow us in everyday life. In morning coffee or tea and other meal. Even bread. And it’s just a simple white sugar. What if we count the amount of it generally, including all fruits like bananas and apples, milk products? You can’t even imagine how much sugar mid-stats person consumes and how much he really needs. I’d like to recommend you a film called “Sugar”. It will change your opinion about nutrition for sure. Does anybody saw it already?

4. Fat free milk products. We are literally implanted by opinion, that fat free milk products are healthful and even can make you lose weight. This is not at all! We are losing weight due to lack of calories. The amount of calories in 5% and 0% curd doesn’t have much difference. But if we speak about advantages, the second one won’t be useful or it can be even harmful. When the fat extracted from the products, they are losing its nominal consistence and it needs to add preservatives and stabilizers to restore it. Curd is valuated first of all as a protein product. Leaving it without fat it loses protein and profitability.

The conclusion: it is way much better to have an extra 30-50 calories, rather than fulfill your stomach and stay hungry. Have you ever made one this mistakes? And what fact surprised you most. Feel free to tell me about it =)


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