Neck, Ears, Neckline

This article is definitely for females, and always up to date! I would be grateful for the repost, or just save the information for your own good.)

Neck, area behind the ears (probably did not pay attention), neckline…
Wrinkles. Flabbiness. Dryness…
In general, do you pay attention to these zones?
If yes, then remind yourself a few moments, and if not, you should start right now!!!
Remember, dears, if you want to preserve youth, the skin in these areas will first give you your real age, or even will add you more years. Traitor…)
The skin in these areas is thin, almost devoid of skeleton fat, it loses its elasticity faster and almost does not resist the force of gravity … And do you know what aggravates the already running aging process?

-Sleep on the side, on the stomach
-Reading lying
-Walked slouching
-Sunbathing without protective cream
-Sitting with a head down
-Improper care
-Harmful habits, etc.

But how to care for these insidious areas on our body?

First, we exclude the above points from your life.
Secondly, we begin to do facial gymnastics, which I already wrote about in the previous article
Thirdly, we determine the level of the problem, perhaps you will need heavy artillery by the doing beauty shots , etc.
Or maybe you just need to start properly caring for your skin.

How I do it.
I sleep on my back. I often try to make a contrast shower, if not a shower, then at least wipe my face, neck, the area behind the ears and decollete with ice. I protect the skin all year round using SPF creams with an indicator of 30. Periodically perform facial gymnastics. And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize !!! Then …
If you are under 25, you can wipe these areas with tonic and then just apply a moisturizer. To improve blood circulation, you can use a light scrub, and finger tapping when applying the product.
If you are older than 25, after you cleanse the skin with a tonic, you apply serums containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids. And only then you can apply a moisturizer.

I am writing a post and I think about to not keeping my head down))) Everything is in our hands) Speaking of hands… It’s important !!! You should also pay attention on your skin of your hands !!! You better protect the hands from ultraviolet light using the same SPF 30-50, wipe with tonic and moisturize the skin with a nourishing cream.
Be young, beautiful!
Good Friday everyone!


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