5 myths about fashion that prevent you from living

I see that you enjoyed to read about the myths. Recently we have dispelled a few beauty myths.
But now, let’s take attention on the style. What kind of facts are the stereotypical delusions?
You can to know it right now!

1. The Bag that suits the shoes color. Nowadays the fashion gives us more and more freedom and the opportunity to experiment. It applies even such simple things. You can take calmly the beg of one color and the shoes of different one if in general it looks cool.


2. If you want to be fashionable you need a lot of money. Believe me, my dear readers, the crucial role play not the money. It is just you! Remember even the article about the designers. People, having good taste and talent, went to such level and achieved such success that most of rich people even couldn’t dream of.
And to dress stylishly, really it is possible with minimal costs. Would you like an article where I will disclose this topic in detail?)


3. It is forbidden to use more than three colors in one look. And no again.
Everyone is tired of the monotonous pattern and strict rules of style.
There is a wish to see something new, interesting. And yes, it is more complicated. You should to have a good taste to skillfully combine many colors in one look. But when they are still even bright… In any case, you should to know about fashion and a sense of style should be present. Just like that. If you doubt about your strength, then really it is better to be careful in a lot number of colors.


4. Gold and silver cannot be combined. It looks like an already named myth, but we still need to clarify. Gold and silver headsets can be perfectly combined with each other. But it does not mean that there is no other way how to do that. If you like in one color, then please) The main thing is that the rules do not prohibit both options.


5. Only black color slimming. The borders of black color are clear and thanks for that it makes you visually slimmer. But it is not only black, but what about blue, emerald green and all the other dark shades. Yes, and light shades too. Yes, color definitely matters, but it is not always decisive. If the right style was chosen, you can look great in gray and white. And, on the contrary, it is not very attractive to be in black color, if this thing simply does not suit you. So there is no need to dwell on color. Everything is very individual.


In general, fashion it is oeuvre. We should treat it with fantasy. How can there be any rules in your own style? The main thing is that you look good and you like your own image! And which of the “rules” above did you follow and were afraid to break? Were there like that?

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