How to eat healthy outside the house?

You may think – is there a problem? If the person wants to eat healthy, he of she can do it everywhere. Yes, it’s true. But it’s also difficult to find healthy food and not spend all your salary on it.

I think that pieces of advice which sound something like “Take lunch boxes with you” are not really useful. Ok. Then let me help you with the choice of meals and snacks. First you need understand – what’s so problematic about eating outside?

The most frequent problem of choosing food is the difficulty of the dishes. How can you know him many calories are there in this pasta, if it has so many ingredients in it? And many ingredients are not dietary at all. No one can give you the answer, probably not even the cook. In such meal as pasta each ingredient matters and is high-calorie (cream, cheese, meat, sauce). That is why this is my first advice for you.

1. Don’t order complex dishes.

Choose something simple from the menu. For example, meat and garnish. Because even salads can be questionable. And if you want to eat something interesting, cook it at home and use only products of high quality.

2. Ask not to add anything extra to your dish.

Usually staff of the restaurant aks you about sugar, sauce, syrup and other additional ingredients, but sometimes they just add them without asking. I can recall many cases when I asked for an ordinary drink (for example tea with lemon), but I got a sugar bomb with syrup instead of tea. So, don’t wait to be asked! Ask first!

3. Show your interest and curiosity.

There is nothing bad in asking questions about the ingredients and calories value of the dish. Usually staff of the restaurant knows such information. And if no one can give you an exact answer, you can ask how the dish was cooked.
It will give you lots of information.

4. Plan.

It’s really difficult to follow the strict plan always. It’s also boring and not really interesting. And, let’s be honest – it’s impossible. But in order to avoid situations like “I have no time that’s why I will eat in McDonald’s” – you need to have a plan WHERE and WHAT to eat.

5. How about snacks?

Having only main meals can be not enough for many people. And they eat snacks as well. I may surprise you or not, but sometimes extra kilos come from the snacks. Why is it so? Because usually we focus on eating something healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But we don’t do the same when eat snacks. These snacks are unnecessary extra calories of your day. No one wants to carry buckwheat and chicken in the bag – it’s impossible, but you can always take some nuts, healthy bars or bread rolls. They are way better than Snickers, for example.

Have you ever refused from healthy eating just because you didn’t know what to eat out? I am also wondering – what snacks do you have? I think that nuts are perfect for snack. I am also thinking about writing an article about different kinds of nuts and their usefulness. Will you be interested?

Your Yuli

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