How to wear watch? Which watch to choose?

Watch isn’t the most discussed accessory.
But qualitative, good watch complete the look and make your whole appearance look more expensive. Watch isn’t a thing that you can buy once and wear with all kinds of clothes. It’s highly recommended to have several options for different occasions. Some rules exist not only for shoes and bags. It’s quite upsetting when an expensive accessory looks different from the way you want it to just because you’ve used it in a wrong way.


Let’s forget about the winter and the fact that it’s the middle of winter and start exactly with the beach. If you go to the beach, you need to wear strong watch. That’s why you should put away metallic and look for ceramic models. Having such watch, you can be active and not worry about the time.


If you go out at night, don’t worry about comfort and practicality. You are not going to exercise or swim. That’s why you can attract lots of attention to your watch and treat them more as an accessory than just a functional object. Your evening look will be perfect with golden watch and watch with diamonds. It’s a perfect evening option. But don’t go overboard! If you’ve chosen such a brave accessory as diamonds, be careful with your look. The outfit can be minimalistic and don’t use heavy and massive jewelry. The watch should remain the main thing.

And what to wear every day?

If diamond watch isn’t the best option as well as waterproof watch, you can pay your attention to watches of a neutral color and without additional decorations. Clock face can be quite small. In our every day life there is no need to make watches the main detail in your outlook. You can highlight them, but your look can still be moderate.
If you choose feminine style, it’s a perfect option for you.

But if you mostly choose jeans, T-shirts and oversize sweaters, you can think about sport-chic.

Sport watch is a massive watch with leather band. You can wear it with snickers, jeans, shorts and not be afraid of looking weird or extra.

And here are some more recommendations:
-choose your watch according to your hands’ size. The fragile, tiny lady should wear sophisticated accessory with a thin band, if the lady isn’t too tiny, she can choose massive models.
-the watch shouldn’t tie your wrist too tight, in another case it can look as if you were given as a present the watch of the wrong size
and you don’t know how to wear it.

I hope that this article was useful for you and you can change your attitude to watches and you can choose them wisely. And if you have already known my recommendations, it means that you are not far from fashion and style, or, maybe you are a real pro in them.
So, what is watch for you? Just an accessory, or do you use it as a functional item of clothes?
I am waiting for your answers! And see you next year!


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