Even the frost is not an obstacle! How to stay stylish despite the cold.

Looking feminine and being dressed tastefully in winter is not an easy task. But the blessing of modern fashion allows us to do that. Let’s talk about all the trends in outerwear and warming life hacks!

1. Moncler down jackets. These are such overblown oversized jackets, resembling ski jackets. Due to their huge size, you can wear a warm and voluminous sweater under the jacket. And not even one.

2. Sheepskin coats (mutton). It is not just jackets to wear. Nobody canceled fur coats. A mutton coat has such dignity as keeping warm for the longest possible period of time. It is comfortable and warm. But the most important thing is that animals they don’t suffer from this. They remove mutton from animals in a special way, without killing them. What cannot be said about the same chinchilla fur coat. But if you don’t have enough money or still don’t believe fully in the safety of sheep, then the shops provided a huge selection of artificial options.

3. Knitted things from wool. Dresses, sweaters, suits … It is another one comfortable trend of this season. Having put them on, you will never freeze, and if you add the thermal underwear, then a long walk is guaranteed.

4. Coats and down jackets to the ankle. If your height is over 65 inch, you cannot worry that such a thing will shorten you. But you are completely hidden from the frost. What can be more comfortable than just putting on a blanket and go on business?

5. Multilayering. If you still prefer an elegant coat, rather than a warm, but sometimes sporty down jacket, then this trend is your find! The point is that from the outside you have usual look, perhaps even like in your light coat. But under it … Anything you wish. A sweater on a sweater, a jacket on a jacket, etc. You can really layering a lot of dress. This way of dressing creates a good thermo effect. Some even wear a light jacket under the coat (of course, the coat should not be narrow) Nothing changes outside, but the difference in temperature is very noticeable.

6. Dublenki. Neither jacket, nor coat? Sheepskin coats come to the rescue! And the choice is quite varied. Both in color and in length.

I hope that this article will help you to look feminine even in the most severe frosts.) Thanks to the current fashion. And what kind of life hacks do you use for not to freezing? Let’s share our methods with each other and be in warm together.)

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