How to dress up after 40?

I am not sure about the amount of them, but definitely some of my followers are ladies at the age of 35-40. And this age causes many problems with style. Of course, not because the women are guilty or go not understand anything. The problem is – it’s an age when it’s ridiculous to wear some clothes as if it was taken from your teenager child, but also bad to forget about the fashion and hide your body in the scarf. So, what can you do?

1. Find time for yourself.
40 years is not the age which limits your style, although many people can think so. You can look spectacular in any age. Just don’t be lazy and don’t neglect yourself, constantly choosing something different – your work, your family. These factors are extremely important, but also pamper yourself and find time for yourself.

It looks really sad, when a beautiful lady with a potential of looking really great wears some rags. I don’t want to offend anyone, don’t get me wrong. Quite often it’s a question of your desire to look good, it’s not even the question of money.

2. Find the golden middle.
As I have already mentioned before : wearing only teenagers hoodies together with ripped jeans or forgetting about them completely are two extremes. You can find a way to combine youngsters clothes with neutral clothes.
For example, you can choose one-colour hoodie instead of one with cartoons character. Or if you are wearing jeans, try to combine them with neutral sweater. And your look will be acceptable.

3. Let’s get rid of stereotypes.

Our mentality has many stereotypes on this topic. Especially stereotypes about clothes and age. What stereotypes are we talking about?

-Wearing only pale colors.
Yes, exactly pale. The women make their style invisible with age together with trying to make themselves invisible. What for? Why to make yourself a mousy lady? I want to reveal one secret for you. You can use bright colors in your clothes even after 40. It will emphasize your freshness.

Jeans are very popular, this item of wardrobe is very popular. But many women don’t allow themselves to wear jeans. And they do it in vain. Jeans make a person younger and suit for people of all ages.

-Short and only short hair.
The article is about clothes, but I couldn’t skip this moment. Who told you that each age has specific hair length and only this length is allowed? It’s a stereotype. If your hair is in a good condition, it looks good, it is well-groomed and this length suits you, does the length really matter? There are many women who are bright examples of having long and beautiful hair at any age.

-High heels/flats.
There is nothing bad about classic style until you put yourself in the strict boundaries. Women can wear high heels and they can also wear sneakers. And it’s totally fine.

Don’t skip this point. Getting rid of stereotypes helps you to shake your style and your personality.
So, what clothes do you need to have in your wardrobe?
Now, let’s speak about must haves, which are perfect for people of all ages. Let’s make a list.

1. Shirt.

Shirt is perfect with jeans and skirts. You can wear it when you go for a walk or to the restaurant. White shirt is a basis for a warderobe of any woman or man. You can buy shirts of different colors and make different combinations, creating new stunning looks.

2. Classic trousers.

Firstly, it’s a trend. Secondly, they will look better than jeans if we speak about business meetings or work. And, in my opinion, such events happen quite often in the age we are talking about.

3. Light fabrics.
I am proud of you, if your body and skin look perfect at your age. A huge range of possibilities lies in front of you. But if you have some flaws to hide – light clothes, made of “flying” fabrics is a good option for you. This fabrics hides some problematic parts of the body and looks feminine.

4. Midi length dresses.

Midi length is on top of all trends right now. When miniskirts were very popular, women at the age of 35-40 used to stay away from that trend, but this midi skirts trend is definitely for you. This length is actually perfect.
Here is the conclusion. Summing up all these points we can say that there is no need for dramatical changes when you reach certain age. Take it easy. Wet clothes you used to wear, maybe add some elegance to your look.

And what do you think of women, who choose “youngsters style” of clothes?

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