How to assess the level of your workouts?

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Have you ever thought that you can assess the level of your workouts?
But to evaluate the results of training yourself is difficult. Very often, fitness lovers either feel sorry for themselves and do not lay out completely, or, on the contrary, try too hard and end up doing more harm than good. To find a middle ground between these two extremes, you need to learn to evaluate training not only emotionally, but also practically.

How should not be.
After training, you should not feel completely overwhelmed. Make a reservation right away that this does not apply to completely new fitness beginners who are trying to immediately evaluate the first week of training. In a good way to evaluate the effectiveness of training is necessary after they have become a habit, or after a long time you were engaged in one type of activity, and then decided to try something new and changed classes. Beginners after the first week of training may actually feel overwhelmed, but by the second week this usually passes. If, after class, you sleep poorly and intermittently, feel deprived of strength and so tired that you don’t want to do anything, it means that you are overworked. Underloading is more difficult to recognize, since even a small activity has a good effect on well-being, but we will now find out how to determine it.

If you suspect that you are able to overdo it and drive yourself to a workout until you completely collapse, then try to track how quickly your breathing and heart rate recover after an exercise of moderate intensity. If it takes more than a minute, then you can recycle.

After training.
Appetite, sleep and euphoria are three pleasant factors that indicate a good sport.
Appetite does not come with eating, but immediately after exercise. This is a logical process – the muscles worked and “ate” the sugar supply from our fatty deposits; now the body demands to compensate for the loss. Try to eat right. But if you do not want to eat, most likely you have been flawed.
Good sleep with fast falling asleep is especially noticeable after evening workouts. After the morning, of course, no one falls in exhaustion on the desktop, falling asleep in a deep sleep. However, even in the evening with a morning workout it will be easier and faster to fall asleep.
Finally, we experience a feeling of excess energy, lightness and pleasure some time after training during the day. For it is worth saying thanks to hormones. Good training allows you to release the hormones of pleasure, which give us vigor and lightness. For too little exercise, they do not have time to stand out, and when too exhausting they simply do not cope with the level of body fatigue.
A small video from me for the study of the buttocks does not hurt!
Fruitful training for you, friends!

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