Healthy eating or counting calories? Constant arguments on this topic.

The series of articles about summer skincare is over. But we haven’t spoken about the healthy eating eating. I hope that you haven’t forgotten about it with all these journeys and vacation.

People often ask me: Is it true that people can eat whatever they want and loose weight?

This question is important for the majority of us. How some women eat only chocolate and remain slender? What helps them? Good genes? Fast metabolism? Maybe they are witches? Or the secret lies in the glass of water with lemon before breakfast? But there is no special secret. They just don’t consume many calories. Will this option be good for you? Let’s see.

Calories is energy. The formula is very simple: you eat more – you gain weight, you eat less – you loose weight. So, what to eat? It doesn’t matter. At the first glance everything seems to be quite simple. But there are some nuances.

1. Our body is not just body. It has, just like products, for example, the ingredients. Proteins equal muscles, fats equal beauty (hair, nails, etc.) We get a certain formula and the further discussion we will continue according to this formula. Because we want our body to be not only slender, but also beautiful and healthy. We need to find the right balance. But don’t go overboard. It doesn’t mean that if you want to be VERY beautiful, you need to eat LOTS of fats, or you if you want to have SUPER elastic skin, you need to binge-eat proteins. Balance is the most important thing!

2.Calories. If you don’t really care about all the things I’ve mentioned above, then you can choose the way of counting calories. In this case you can eat absolutely whatever you want: fastfood, sweets, etc. You won’t put on weight by counting calories, but will it be good for your body and health? I strongly doubt it…

And if you keep the balance of proteins and fats and count calories? That’s a tricky question because I am not sure that it’s possible. I just want you to understand that it’s almost impossible to make a mistake with calories if you keep the balance. Because extra and unnecessary calories come from carbs and harmful fats. When everything is balanced, it’s hard to go overboard with calories.

And what about the way you feel?

No matter what others say, but you will feel differently when you eat healthy and unhealthy. Your tastes will be different. You don’t need to obsess over food, but our life is strongly connected with it, that’s a fact. We are what we eat and our rhythm of life fully depends on it.
Here comes the question: what kind of magic is healthy eating and what you don’t want to binge-eat when you follow it? The answer is simple.

Healthy eating means:

-Snacks – due to them you never feel hungry as wolf.

-Water balance – you won’t have a constant desire to buy fizzy drinks or juice.

-Big portions.
Sounds weird, but healthy eating definitely doesn’t mean a cucumber and a tiny peace of bread for lunch. The portion can be quite big. You don’t believe me? Just think about it! What is bigger? Burger from McDonald’s or a balanced plate of food, which contains vegetables, meat, garnish. If to speak about calories, burger contains more of them, but you will feel full after eating a normal plate of healthy food.

Your body won’t get anything healthy from the burger, but it will definitely get it from the salad. The burger turns into fats(yes, I am talking about thighs and sides). Healthy food nourishes whole body.

-No flavour enhancers.
People, who are keen on sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise, have a difference food perception. These things act like a drug. Everytime you want to eat something sweeter, or spicier and spicier…

How to be balanced, if you don’t know a lot about it? The answer is – eat healthy. Just choose the right dishes in the restaurants, cook for yourself at home. That’s it. Get rid of readymade dishes. This is the recipe of healthy eating.

And what do you eat? Have you had a period of moving from unhealthy eating style to the healthy one? Can you compare the feelings before and after the change?


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