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Hi guys!

I want to talk a little bit about the experience that I got by visiting the Aurum fitness clinic in Kiev. I tested Outrace training complex, Redcord rehabilitation system, and cryosauna. In addition to an hour of training on outrace, they connected me with the EMS system, pulse therapy equipment (electrical impulses) to strengthen my muscles. I can say one thing, the level of my physical fitness is above average, but it was not easy for me to say the least.)

A little more about the clinic.
There are several steps to achieve your clinic goals.

1. Complete diagnostics and collection of information on readiness for loads.
2. Getting the program from a doctor, trainer and nutritionist.
3. Performing exercises under the individual supervision of specialists.
4. Use in the procedures and training of innovative equipment.
5. Obtaining load adjustments based on the individual reaction to the lesson.
6. Obtaining adjustments to the nutrition program.
7. Passing special testing to evaluate the results.

Now in order. All the data is entered into the clinic database after the obtained diagnostic results, and already at the first training, the specialist monitors the pulse and other indicators through the iPad program. In the first and second training, we tried to keep my heart rate within 85%. Such an indicator is the norm for functional training (or endurance training) with a load value of “above average”.
For an hour on Redcord I really felt the work of all muscle groups, we mainly used stabilizer muscles. At Outrace, I asked for emphasis on the legs and buttocks. Happened.)

Cryosauna, another story.) This is a modern and effective way to mobilize the body’s resources to improve the work of all its processes: from metabolism to blood circulation. Definitely 10 out of 10, is a must for anyone who really cares about their health!

Now we watch the video, I’m in the role of the experimental.)))
Be healthy)

Your Yuli

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