Fitness Video 52

Hi guys!

The season of swimwear can soon be officially opened, so I agitate, as always, to tighten up the physical form a little.)

What is it this time?
Many people write to me about the fact that they can not go in for sports at full strength for certain reasons, since there are restrictions, this applies to various injuries, back pain, knees, hips, neck, etc. I’m certainly not a doctor, and I’m not saying that you have to go to the gym and work out everything in full force, while having some kind of health problems. But, you can perform a set of exercises that will not cause you harm, pain and discomfort and maybe even help you get rid of some of these problems.

Everyone knows that completely healthy people, especially athletes do not exist.) I, for example, having finished the 10-year ballet school, I received not only a choreographic diploma, but also knee pains.))) Therefore, before each training I carefully warm up, and try to perform all exercises with its own weight and at the right angle. Periodically I drink vitamins for joints and I do or make procedure ultrasound. But the problem does not completely disappear, but it is necessary to train.) As the coach told my husband: “the whole body hurts, only the finger is not, then train the finger!”))

So today, I decided to show you a couple of exercises for those who have the same problem with their knees.The most painful, probably, is squats, since you can just do it wrong. But this exercise is considered one of the most effective for the gluteal muscles and thighs. I’ll show you how to do without squats, but at the same time keep these muscles in a tone !!!
Well, let’s watch!


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