Fitness Video 65

2019-01-30T21:15:00+00:00January 30, 2019|Fitness|

Athletes! Hello! I am again ready to record new fitness exercises for you that you can do at home! As simple and clear as possible! Each set, each exercise gives its results! I am compiling [...]

CrossFit for children

2018-12-19T21:35:30+00:00December 19, 2018|Fitness|

Hello!! Today, is only theory from me. The theory is for moms and dads who have taught children to sports since childhood. Recently I came across an article about child crossfit on I want [...]

Easy Fitness

2018-11-28T21:08:47+00:00November 28, 2018|Fitness|

Girls, don`t sleep! Even if the weather is bad, up your mood with sport! Take a tape for fitness and repeat after me. Exercises from video are technically simple and the main thing is to [...]

Fitness Video 64

2018-11-21T21:00:57+00:00November 21, 2018|Fitness|

Sport. Despite the dull days and gray mood, we must move forward! We are preparing ourselves a serotonin shake every day! I also feel a breakdown when the weather is terrible, the time of year [...]

Training from Adriana Lima

2018-11-14T21:33:52+00:00November 14, 2018|Fitness|

Just recently, Victoria's Secret-2018 was shown. What impressions did he give you? I liked everything, if not the sad news about Adriana Lima's departure (I think that this fact did not upset me alone. Adriana [...]

Fitness Video 63

2018-11-07T21:01:50+00:00November 7, 2018|Fitness|

Sport. Again sport.) And again, motivation.) You motivate me by sending me positive feedback on my workouts, share your results, and I, in turn, try to answer you in return, again and again recording new [...]