Fitness Video 49

2018-04-04T22:03:41+00:00 April 4, 2018|Fitness|

Salute, dear ones! Again, Wednesday, and again the propaganda of sports.) For a long time I have not filmed a video with my daughters, so this time I decided to show you how fun and [...]

5 favourite workouts

2018-03-28T21:28:07+00:00 March 28, 2018|Fitness|

Hi! I cheked up all the videos once again, I have red your comments and questions, and now want to allocate from all series on fitness the five of the most discussed posts. [...]

Fitness Video 48

2018-03-21T21:01:11+00:00 March 21, 2018|Fitness|

A new week and I'm ready to offer you a new exercise, more precisely, a small set consisting of two exercises. Performing them correctly, the result will be visible almost immediately. This set is one [...]

Fitness Video

2018-03-14T21:40:29+00:00 March 14, 2018|Fitness|

So, spring, seems to have come, but has not yet come.) While you can hide yourself under the mountain of clothes and pretend, thinking that the face and soul are beautiful in me.))) It's not [...]

Fitness Video 47

2018-03-30T14:18:00+00:00 March 7, 2018|Fitness|

Hi boys and girls! Today, training for everyone! Functional set for 10 rounds. 3 minutes each! 1,5 minutes break between rounds. Each exercise is 20 seconds. For beginners, the time can be shortened to 10 [...]

Fitness Video 46

2018-02-28T20:12:25+00:00 February 28, 2018|Fitness|

Hello, athletes! Yesterday I wrote down for you a functional complex that is aimed at working out the muscles of the Cora, increasing the physical strength and endurance of the athlete, as well as improving [...]

My Workout Routine

2018-02-21T20:59:23+00:00 February 21, 2018|Fitness|

Everybody who does regularly workout, it doesn`t matter in professional way or like amateur, well knows, it is important to be able to load of body muscles correctly. Doing complex exercises, you make muscles restored [...]

Fitness Video 45

2018-02-14T21:01:08+00:00 February 14, 2018|Fitness|

Hi girls! As my trainer says, any training can be adjusted to suit yourself. So, today I do not have time for stretching, cardio and powerful functionality, I tried to combine different kinds of loads [...]