The 25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout

2017-12-20T19:45:00+00:00 December 20, 2017|Fitness|

Fitness trainer Simone has shared with the American edition PopSugar dancing set which she has developed especially for Victoria's Secret models. The training takes nearly half an hour and in it good exercises for coordination [...]

Easy Fitness

2017-12-06T21:17:27+00:00 December 6, 2017|Fitness|

Girls, don`t sleep! Even if the weather is bad, up your mood with sport! Take a tape for fitness and repeat after me. Exercises from video are technically simple and the main thing is to [...]

Fitness Video 41

2017-11-09T11:07:33+00:00 November 9, 2017|Fitness|

Girls, I give you a new set on endurance. You know, I don`t give you any chance to relax, so keep going! How to do: 1st exercise takes a minute, it is good cardio which [...]

Fitness video 40

2017-11-01T18:36:52+00:00 November 1, 2017|Fitness|

Nobody likes to do press, but it is necessary! I give you the new set for press muscles that will help to stay in shape not only during a beach season. Technically everything is clear, [...]

8-Minute Flat-Belly Workout

2017-10-18T21:05:06+00:00 October 18, 2017|Fitness|

Let`s be honest: everybody knows what is big belly :) It appears, and disappears all the time, just because each of us has own weaknesses. You love hot burgers, flour products or you can't live [...]