Fitness Video 73

2019-05-22T21:00:15+00:00May 22, 2019|Fitness|

Hello! Hope my videos motivate you tto do sports! I tried to write for you a new set of exercises! The coach mocks me like this after an hour and a half training in boxing.) [...]

Day of sport.

2019-05-15T21:37:09+00:00May 15, 2019|Fitness|

Salute, girls! Today exercises with an expander (or rubber band). Now it is not only fashionable, but I can say with confidence that it is very effective! Finally, I purchased the expander, which completely approached [...]

Сircular training

2019-05-09T08:27:17+00:00May 9, 2019|Fitness|

Hi guys! Every Wednesday I try to record for you a sports video that will help your body to acquire the ideal features. I really like circular training, designed to work out all muscle groups. [...]

Fitness Video 72

2019-05-02T11:21:31+00:00May 2, 2019|Fitness|

Sport. What is your purpose in sports? Do you ask yourself this question? Definitely, sports are important to our health, and of course, they make you obviously more attractive. Do you know the most basic [...]

Fitness With Kids

2019-04-24T20:36:29+00:00April 24, 2019|Fitness|

My kid helps me to stay in good physical shape. We have a lot of fun together. You can see it on the video. And she is still a kid, but she already knows that [...]

Fitness Video 71 – ABS

2019-04-10T21:40:15+00:00April 10, 2019|Fitness|

Today we consider an important topic. Influence of abdominal muscles on posture. Overly weak and stretched abdominal muscles shift the load by keeping the spine in an upright position on the large lumbar muscle - [...]

Fitness Video 70

2019-03-27T21:59:40+00:00March 27, 2019|Fitness|

Stretching is a form of exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon is intentionally bent or stretched to improve muscle sensitivity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result is a sense of muscle control, [...]

Fitness Video 69

2019-03-20T22:17:45+00:00March 20, 2019|Fitness|

Wednesday! Training that will not leave you indifferent! I try to record for you a set of exercises with a load on different types of muscles, so that the result is clearly visible! You will [...]