Anti-trends of the autumn 2019

2019-09-09T21:00:45+00:00September 9, 2019|Fashion|

It's quite logical that the article about trends is followed by the article about anti-trends and old-fashioned tendencies. So, let's start straight out the gates! 1. Knee length. I am not going to lie, this [...]

Ukrainian fashion week 2020

2019-09-02T21:00:44+00:00September 2, 2019|Fashion|

This year everything is pretty much the same. "Mustetskiy arsenal", bloggers,press,etc. So, all people who somehow belong to the world of fashion, will be there. A couple of days has already passed since Fashion week [...]

Shoes trends 19-20

2019-08-26T21:42:45+00:00August 26, 2019|Fashion|

So, I was sitting and thinking of the topics we haven't discussed yet... And I realized that that we spoke about pretty much all trends. But the fashion industry week took place in London and [...]

Swimsuits trands 2019.

2019-06-03T21:13:08+00:00June 3, 2019|Fashion|

I think that this topic doesn't surprise anyone because summer is here. Today we will see which swimsuits are trendy this season in general, without specifying anything. So, let's start! 1. High-waisted swimsuits. This trend [...]

Trends of the summer 2019

2019-05-13T21:00:04+00:00May 13, 2019|Fashion|

Finally the weather allows us to think about summer trends. It's high time to wear them! And it's time for me to inform you about the most relevant tendencies of the upcoming season according to [...]