Ice cubes for face

2018-06-08T21:31:06+00:00 June 8, 2018|Beauty|

Probably, every women's website at least once wrote about skin care in the summer. I understand that this is not news for you and most likely each of you follows yourself, using your methods and [...]

10 tips for body skin care

2018-06-01T20:13:45+00:00 June 1, 2018|Beauty|

Rule 1: Protect skin from the sun To maintain skin health, do not go out into the sun without protection. Apply a sun protection cream with SPF-factor corresponding to your skin type. Update the protection [...]

Cellulite. A problem or a norm?

2018-05-25T22:00:31+00:00 May 25, 2018|Beauty|

Hello, dear girls! Today the theme is completely ours! Recently received a message in the directive, the question was how to deal with cellulite? Having investigated this question along and across, after consulting with the [...]

Popular face masks

2018-05-11T21:29:29+00:00 May 11, 2018|Beauty|

Today I compiled a selection of popular masks. I hope you will be pleased to remember them. And those, who missed the early articles, will learn something new in this one. ))) Recipes for skin [...]