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Fitness Video 48

March 21, 2018|

A new week and I'm ready to offer you a new exercise, more precisely, a small set consisting of two exercises. Performing them correctly, the result will be visible almost immediately. This set is one [...]

Something about curcuma and flax seeds

March 16, 2018|

I cheked statistics and likes on beauty-posts and noticed that you were interested in my material about healthy nutrition. Throughout this subject I will write about new additives in my menu today - about seeds of [...]

Fitness Video

March 14, 2018|

So, spring, seems to have come, but has not yet come.) While you can hide yourself under the mountain of clothes and pretend, thinking that the face and soul are beautiful in me.))) It's not [...]

Fitness Video 47

March 7, 2018|

Hi boys and girls! Today, training for everyone! Functional set for 10 rounds. 3 minutes each! 1,5 minutes break between rounds. Each exercise is 20 seconds. For beginners, the time can be shortened to 10 [...]

Proper care for problem skin

March 2, 2018|

CORRECT SKIN CARE: 1. wash no more than twice a day with cold water, so as not to provoke additional production of sebum with glands; 2. use means for washing, designed specifically for problem skin; [...]