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How to choose lipstick

January 13, 2018|

If you often use lipsticks - then this article is for you. Good make-up plays an important role in a female look, therefore the shade of lipstick should be selected correctly, following some factors: skin [...]

The most harmful facial masks

December 29, 2017|

I often write which masks are useful, now I want to write about the cosmetic recipes doing harm to skin. It is considered that all natural is equally useful, but face skin gentle and demanding [...]

The 25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout

December 20, 2017|

Fitness trainer Simone has shared with the American edition PopSugar dancing set which she has developed especially for Victoria's Secret models. The training takes nearly half an hour and in it good exercises for coordination [...]

How to choose color for blondes

December 18, 2017|

This month Pantone called the main color of the next year - it is violet, Ultra Violet shade. Of course, it is important to keep all trends in fashion, but I always give an advise [...]

Morning skincare

December 15, 2017|

Most of skin problems are possible to avoid, having picked up the correct skincare. Today I tell how to begin your day for good-looking skin. After woke up, I wash my face with warm water, [...]