Easy Fitness

October 17, 2018|

Up your mood with sport! Take a tape for fitness and repeat after me. Exercises from video are technically simple and the main thing is to hold a back equal and do exercises in that [...]

My Beauty Treatments Routine

October 12, 2018|

Dear girls! How many interesting topics are already described in the blog, and we still have to discuss the same amount with you! Thank you for the feedback! Today we continue the theme “Beauty”. This [...]

My favorite facial masks

October 5, 2018|

Girls, you often ask me about beauty-mask for skin care. I collected for you all the most favourite masks and the description to them. Ask in comments if that. I will try to replay all [...]

Fitness Video 60

October 3, 2018|

Guys! Which of you still refuses to training ? Well, name the reasons !!! We will decide together what to do.) Agitating and will agitate! I, for example, have a fighting mood) First of all, [...]