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Bohemian Look

2018-06-11T21:35:52+00:00 June 11, 2018|Street style|

I noticed that girls don't wear shorts. They can be not only for sport or the beach, in daily and for evening leather shorts are always in style. Girls, do not afraid to show legs [...]

Fitness With Kids

2018-05-23T23:17:16+00:00 May 23, 2018|Fitness|

Today I will show you what entertainments mom and the daughter can find on vacation:) Still my kid helps me to stay in good physical shape. We have a lot of fun together) You can [...]

Home fitness

2018-05-09T20:44:26+00:00 May 9, 2018|Fitness|

Girls, today we have exercise on stability and endurance, in adition with working muscles of hips and a press. And the extension will be better and the bottom is stronger!) How I do it: 10 [...]

Fitness Video 44

2018-02-07T18:36:31+00:00 February 7, 2018|Fitness|

Hi, everybody! Today we have training set for legs in the blog. Do 5 approaches, having 1,5 minutes rest between them. It is good variant when you have not enough time for fitness. Carry out [...]

Best white shoes

2018-02-05T19:13:52+00:00 February 5, 2018|Fashion|

The end of winter is the best time for a spring shopping. Nothing is better than to start the new season in white. Therefore I write a post about white shoes) I don't say that [...]

Glossy or mat skin?

2018-02-02T10:15:55+00:00 February 2, 2018|Beauty|

I am sure that healthy skin has to shine a little, only then it looks healthy, moisturizated and well-groomed! Therefore I don't use mat serum, fluids, powders etc. Practically all my shadows have cream basis. [...]

Hold in your hands

2018-02-02T14:11:47+00:00 January 29, 2018|Street style|

Recently I`ve read articles from Vogue.co.uk about the last trends and most of all I liked accessories, especialy - bags. Time of big, baggy bags has passed, and thank God! In fashion again small bags [...]

Fitness Video 43

2018-01-24T19:18:46+00:00 January 24, 2018|Fitness|

Girls, today I will share with you my new training set, it is about leg/arms/hips muscles, and also press muscles. Also you can mix this set with another exercises, keep up the load and for [...]

How to choose lipstick

2018-01-13T18:25:33+00:00 January 13, 2018|Beauty|

If you often use lipsticks - then this article is for you. Good make-up plays an important role in a female look, therefore the shade of lipstick should be selected correctly, following some factors: skin [...]