Antitrends. Male tacky.

I started to write this article and thought: “Why do we speak only about women? Let’s pay attention to our male part of the audience.” Today I decided to say a couple of nuances, which, according to the opinion of stylists and my personal opinion, demonstrate that the man isn’t into fashion and doesn’t care about his style.

1. Unstucked shirt.

The shirt itself is great, but not in this case… It reminds of a school student, who hasn’t completely changed after PE class. I think that shirt makes man look serious and there is no need to spoil the look with such small detail.

2. Bright shirt with paintings.

In this case, on contrast with case number 1, you look tidy. But it still has nothing to do with the style. It’s time to accept the fact fact that these shirts are out of trends right now. Don’t reinvent the wheel, you won’t get more attention if you look like rainbow. Or, this attention can be negative.

3. Ripped jeans.

Not bad, but not the best idea as well. These jeans were on top some time ago, but not now. These details are not necessary right now. Monotone shirt/T-shirt and simple jeans are perfect. Believe me.

4. Square toe shoes.

Speaking about shoes, I need to say that trends of male shoes are impressive this season. Mostly these are sport shoes. I can write an article about them, but now I will offer you an alternative to this antitrend. If you like classic shoes, try to choose shoes with a narrowed nose.

5.Low-cut T-shirts.

If you are not the type of man who wants to show his masculinity by showing his hairy chest, stop it. Again, take it easy. The beauty lies in simplicity. Men are not the exception in this case. A simple cotton T-shirt is the best option. And you can show your masculinity in your features of character.

6. Jeans and leather coats with many details.

Let’s be honest, do you like when the woman wears too many accessories and jewelry? You will say that she reminds a Christmas tree. And what about you? You won’t look worse if you don’t sparkle with spikes. This is true for ladies as well.

7. Classic suit and down jacket.

Classic suit and sneakers isn’t a sensation anymore. But I don’t recommend you to relax when we speak about upper clothes. Always take into account your position, you are not a schoolboy. If your position requires wearing suit, you can also afford a coat.

So, I’ve tried to mention all things which sprang to my mind. What do you think? I also want to know your opinion – should I bring up some male topics in my blog? If you agree, let me know what topics you are interested in. Today, for example, I was speaking about shoes. Shall I write about them?


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