8 teeth care mistakes. The secrets of Hollywood smile!

All people want to have perfect smile. And I hope that reading this article will help you to fulfill your dream!

1. Teeth brushing of not full value.

If I ask you what brushing teeth means for you,the majority of people will be surprised and the answer will be pretty much the same. Something like – I take toothpaste, toothbrush and brush my teeth. That’s it. Is there another option? Yes, there is. Because full teeth brushing consists not only of toothbrush and toothpaste, but also mouthash, tooth floss and other things. And these things should be used regularly!

2. Tea and coffee.

Fans of tea and coffee know very well the problem of plaque and desperately want whiteness. But drinking tea and coffee in huge amounts won’t help your teeth to become white. Getting rid of favorite drinks is not a good idea, but you can consume them in moderation. Because quite often we drink tea or coffee not because we really need it, sometimes it’s the matter of habit and familiar and loved taste. Just realize it and also don’t forget to use mouthwash after you drink.

3. Too good brushing.

Just like everything we do in life, we don’t need to go crazy and go overboard by doing something extra. Brushing teeth very often can lead to bleeding gums.

4. Crunch.

This point is related to the way of food consumption. Especially to the fruits consumption. Did you know that the way we eat apples just by biting them isn’t a good idea from the dentistry’s point of view. It’s more correct to slice it and then eat. Sometimes we need to crunch something, but there’s no need to crunch on regular basis. We are not humsters .

5. Eat and go.

This is what we do.Just because we don’t always have an opportunity to use mouthwash after meal. So,you know what to do when you are at home and bubble gum will help yoy if you are outside. A sip of water is also a good way to get rid of bacteria.

6. Too many dairy products.

The problem doesn’t come from outside, it lies within. I’ve said it before and I will repeat – there is the nuance with calcium absorption by our body. We had a stereotype – the more dairy products we consume, the better. But the situation is totally opposite. Pay your attention to it and cut down on dairy products if you can.

7. Sweet and sour.

Unfortunately, not only coffee is bad for your teeth, but this can be also a problem of people with sugar tooth and fans of sour food. Sweets can turn your smile in the nightmare! They will not only spoil your look. Caries and other dental problems influence your body in general, not just teeth. As soon as you get these problems – go to the doctor. In another case you will spoil your health.

8. Whitening.

Whitening is a fast way to make your teeth whiter.There is a plenty of different ways of whitening nowadays. Toothpastes, powder, dental whitening, stripes, veneers,etc. So,what should we choose? To be honest, nothing. All these methods are agressive to your teeth. Such procedure, even if it was made only once, can spoil your enamel forever. Are you sure that you need it? It’s not a secret that white teeth make a person look more attractive and healthier. But teeth of natural shade can be 1000 times healthier than artifficially whitened.

You can try whitening toothpastes. But remember, you can use them in courses, not regularly. The best thing I can advise is the professional cleanding by dentist from time to time. And everything will be great!

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